Construction service network enterprise certification limited time discount! For only 99 yuan, you can have super rights and interests such

The enterprise online mall realizes business expansion.

The construction service network has high-quality talents in construction and related industries, and the enterprise recruitment is more targeted and efficient! 4.


The construction service network provides independent advertising for certified enterprises.

Enterprises can independently choose the location they want to promote and display in the background of merchants, and can enrich the promotion content through links and videos to enjoy the hot traffic of the platform and develop more business opportunities! 5.

Holy Spirit technology is responsible for the development of the whole platform technology.


Enterprises can publish enterprise related information, contact information, recruitment, products, news information, and more comprehensively carry out enterprise publicity and promotion on the Internet! A variety of exquisite website templates can be changed at any time to meet the needs of different enterprise styles.

There is also a separate merchant management background to facilitate the management of goods, orders and financial statistics.

How can you use the Internet to find more business opportunities and improve the development of enterprises? The supply and demand section of the construction service network has all kinds of supply and demand information released by platform enterprises.

After seven years of sharpening a sword, a professional, comprehensive and suitable industry platform for the development of the vertical field of the construction industry – construction labor network has been successfully launched on July 7, 2022! In order to better serve the society and enterprises in the construction industry and related industries, the construction labor network specially opens a limited time discount for enterprise certification! For only 99 yuan, you can have super rights and interests such as exquisite official website, online mall, recruitment platform, advertising, etc., to help enterprises flourish in the new Internet era! Construction service network certified enterprises enjoy five rights and interests: 1.

Lifting Anchor

Enterprise website, realize Internet publicity and promotion.

The construction service network provides online recruitment services for certified enterprises, which can release the talents required by enterprises, and also actively screen the talent pool to explore the elite.

Construction service network provides exclusive enterprise website for certified enterprises.

The online trading construction service network provides an exclusive online mall for certified enterprises, breaking geographical limitations, realizing online product sales and better marketing promotion.

It can quickly release and find appropriate information resources, obtain business opportunities, and quickly clinch a deal! Customers participating in the limited time preferential activities will give 11 supply and demand information release resources, worth 11 yuan! (in fact, you can enjoy all rights and interests at only 88 yuan) construction labor Network welcomes enterprises all over the country! We hope that through our strength, we can jointly help the construction industry and related industries, change the thinking of Internet development, make use of platform resources and functional advantages, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and achieve lasting and healthy long-term development in the Internet era! Activity time: from now to September 30, 2022 contact: 023-81623110-.

Enterprises can recruit online at low cost and find industry elites in a targeted way.

New is led by pengfan group and cooperated with many construction companies.

Enterprises do not need to settle in a comprehensive recruitment platform with high price and ordinary effect.

The platform is rich in supply and demand information, and a large number of business opportunities are waiting for you to find.


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