Construction Richemont group headquarters

Interior design intent photo ©  YvesAndréPhoto ©  PhilippeRuaultPhoto © Lidaguan has a poetic flavor in the contrast between “historical sites” and looming new buildings.

Some people want to keep it as it is, while others want to settle here.

Smooth wood floors and suspended ceilings enhance the reflection effect of long glass compartments.

The glass is very bright and clean, or with screen printed tree shadow, or slightly reflective, or irregularly frosted, or embossed glass is used according to the needs of different positions and privacy.

It is strictly prohibited.

Photo © Yves Andr é client: Richemont SA time: 2001-2006 design task: Reconstruction and expansion of Lifeng group headquarters building area: 11000m ² Copyright notice: ateliersjean Nouvel legally owns the copyright or right to use all the contents of this article.

This delicate place needs exquisite skills, because only the light architectural style can ensure this sense of existence and lack, and turn the surface concealment into a new performance.

The office is always sandwiched between two landscapes.

I try to resolve this contradiction with a building integrated into the landscape.

Richemont group headquarters, Geneva, Swiss Jean Nouvel ©  AteliersJeanNouvel,Deliveryarchitect:EricMariaPhoto © Bellevue, the base of Yves Andr é infiltration project, has beautiful scenery.

Archaeological research was conducted on the cabin to develop the richest details and the most appropriate interior design in response to its experience as a witness of Swiss history.

You are welcome to forward it.

It is a building that creates visual illusion and surprise, blurring the effect of transparency and reflection in the overlapping and interleaving of glass and plants.

The other two buildings also try to establish a dialogue relationship with the first building, use the same architectural language in terms of materials, transparency and interface, and naturally integrate into the surrounding environment.

General layout ↑ conceptual intent ↓ photo of completion ©  PhilippeRuaultPhoto ©  PhilippeRuaultPhoto © Lidaguan’s strip-shaped building extends along two linear courtyards.

There are vigorous Centennial cedar, sparse trees, ancient wooden houses, forest scenery and vast lake scenery.

Flat End Socket Cross Pin

This is a quiet place, like an ancient manor far away from the noise.


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