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In 2015, four design and construction integration qualifications of building intelligence, fire-fighting facilities, building decoration and building curtain wall were cancelled; In the same year, the qualification licensing authority cancelled the assessment of the indicators of “assets, main personnel and technical equipment” of the enterprise.

2017: cancel the qualification of landscaping, engineering consulting, first-class property management and geological exploration; The special qualification standard for construction general contracting enterprises was issued, and the requirements for enterprise registered capital, business tax paid, enterprise manager, financial director, number of first-class constructors, designers, number of construction methods, informatization and so on were deleted.

Some places can continue to apply for class II construction qualifications at the lowest level.

China’s infrastructure overcame one difficulty after another, climbed mountains after mountains, and made one achievement after another that attracted the attention of the world.

They can wait until the new standards come out to handle them, so as to avoid changes in approval conditions and enterprises’ lack of time to prepare.

optimize the examination and approval services and implement the notification and commitment system.

Celebrate the splendid national day and the birthday of China   On October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao held the founding ceremony at Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

(4) .

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the people of the whole country hold high the banner and strengthen their faith.

optimizing the structure of human resources human resources management is not only the focus but also the difficulty under the new qualification environment.

China has accumulated 5000 years of strength and thin hair! China, with 1.4 billion children, is striving hard! China is proud of its 72 years of glory———————————————————— 02 show China’s construction achievements inventory of China’s construction achievements: release of detailed shock dynamic pictures! Slide to view ▼ it is the longest sea crossing bridge project in the world! It is the world’s most complex 8D interchange in China, huangjuewan interchange in Chongqing, China’s infrastructure: bridge, railway power, housing construction speed in Shenzhen, infrastructure crazy world in the world, but China is not that China! Ranking of high-speed rail mileage in the world ↓   Ranking of the total length of bridges in the world ↓ changes in power generation in the world   ↓ the construction achievements after the founding of new China have attracted worldwide attention!     We are very pleased and proud to fly 10000 meters high and overlook the land of China.

When we turn on our mobile phone and connect 5g, we can feel the vigorous progress of Chinese science and technology.

What should enterprises prepare for? Now many enterprises planning to set up new qualifications can suspend the pace of handling.

  2、 Manage and maintain the “four libraries and one platform” of various software systems in qualification management and the national construction market supervision and integrity release platform of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, including enterprise library, personnel library, project library and credit library.

Finally, for enterprises currently in the process of qualification handling, the qualification will be approved according to the old standards.

Simplify qualification categories and merge grade settings.

It does not mean that the handling of construction qualification should be suspended for one year, but the alternation of new and old qualifications.

The four libraries are interconnected so that personnel can be checked, personnel can be checked in the name of the unit, and units can be checked by personnel..

The management positions of each on-site personnel can not be repeated.

For those who are eager to contract projects with certificates, the way to consider now is qualification transfer.

2019: adjust the special grade qualification of general construction contracting to the comprehensive qualification of construction, and obtain any of the original 10 special grade qualifications of general construction contracting, so as to replace the comprehensive qualification; Simplify survey and design qualification.

According to the interpretation of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development’s document on the reform plan for the qualification management system of construction engineering enterprises, in order to deepen the reform of “separation of certificates and licenses”, enterprises handling construction qualification will stop accepting the relevant applications for the qualification of construction engineering enterprises in the annex to this document from July 1, 2021.

(3) Decentralization of approval authority to facilitate enterprise affairs.

At present, it is also all class III construction qualifications that are suspended.

A person can only play one role under one qualification and can not be “reused”, which puts forward quite high requirements for the number and steps of personnel in the enterprise.

01 celebrate China’s national day celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China — 1949-2021——    Seventy two years ago, new China was just established.

Let’s pay tribute to the project builders, use our strength to add luster to China’s construction services, and offer our most sincere blessings to our motherland.

The qualification agent of the recommended consulting specialty is relatively safe.


Whenever we sit on the fast-moving high-speed railway, we can feel the great and powerful power of made in China.

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In 2016, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development simplified the qualification standards for construction enterprises and cancelled the index assessment of registered constructors, personnel with intermediate or above professional titles, on-site managers and skilled workers with job certificates (except the lowest level of each category).

To put it plainly, in order to reform and transition the qualification, provincial departments should first be familiar with the business.


Enterprises should face up to the current problems, recognize the situation, focus on training their own personnel, and abandon illegal acts such as lending and that are not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises.

How should enterprises deal with qualification reform?    For large enterprises with construction qualification I.

On this national day, let’s offer a blessing from the bottom of our heart – Happy birthday, mother of the motherland! Happy National Day for all construction workers! [good partner – construction solution expert] help construction enterprises grow and contribute to China’s construction! A review of qualification reform policies over the years in the reform of qualification management system of Construction Engineering Enterprises: for detailed preparations for the reform, you can slide to ▼ reform plan of qualification management system of construction engineering enterprises (I).

There may be differences in policies according to different regions.

The country is poor and backward, and all walks of life are waiting for prosperity.

They are not in a hurry to use qualifications.

(5) Strengthen supervision during and after the event to ensure project quality and safety.

Inventory of qualification reform policies over the years: in recent years, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has carried out a series of reforms on the qualification of Engineering Construction Enterprises: in 2014, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development reduced the number of professional contracting qualifications from 60 to 36.

As for how long it will be suspended, the more unified statement is that it can be in accordance with the new standards at the beginning of 2022.

2018: the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued a notice on Abolishing the opinions on the implementation of the measures for the qualification determination of bidding agencies for engineering construction projects.

After all, qualification transfer has certain risks.

When super projects cross China, our travel is convenient and our urban infrastructure achievements shock the world! Behind the world’s remarkable achievements are the hard work of countless builders.

The requirements for personnel in the new regulations are very detailed, including not only corresponding senior management personnel, but also grass-roots on-site management personnel; There should be both professional registered personnel and professional skilled workers.

National Day, also known as “11”, “National Day”, “National Day”, “China’s National Day” and “National Day Golden Week”, now China’s National Day refers to October 1, the anniversary of the formal establishment of the people’s Republic of China.

How long will the new construction qualification office be suspended? According to relevant regulations, a one-year transition period is set, and a simple certificate renewal is implemented after the expiration.

In 2020, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the reform plan for qualification management system of Construction Engineering Enterprises: the qualification categories and grades of construction enterprises were reduced from 138 to 40, a decrease of 71%; The number of engineering survey qualification categories and grades decreased from 26 to 7, a decrease of 73%; The number of engineering design qualification categories and grades decreased from 395 to 72, a decrease of 82%; The number of engineering supervision qualification categories and grades was reduced from 34 to 21, a decrease of 38%.

The specific information will be subject to the release of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, which will probably take half a year.

(2) Relax access restrictions and stimulate the vitality of enterprises.



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