Leading the way by the party and the masses | information and business buildings go to battle together, and they are obliged to clear the

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We cooperate with each other, work together, constantly waving snow removal tools to clean the snow on the roadside.

With the whirling wind, comrades are carrying tools such as spades, brooms, shovel and so on, and are active on the street side of the shops to remove the thick snow that is accumulated on the ground.

On the morning of January 22, all Party members and all colleagues led by Party and mass cadres in the headquarters of Xinshang building collectively joined the voluntary snow clearing service practice of community organizations and fulfilled the original intention and mission of doing practical things for the people with practical actions.

In order to facilitate the safety of people’s travel and cooperate with the community to complete the glorious task.

The implementation of this activity not only brings convenience to the travel of the masses, but also shortens the distance between us and the masses in the community, improves the satisfaction of the masses, implements the policy of coming from the masses to the masses, and enables party members and volunteers to experience the joy and harvest of labor, team spirit and cohesion in the process of labor.

3 joy after the completion of the goal.


Affected by the cold air, Zhengzhou ushered in the second heavy snow in winter on January 21.

Formwork Clamp

The goal is clear, and the work is officially started.

Today, Xuexin partners win-win.

After two hours of labor, the road became unobstructed and the cold snow showed warm warmth.


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