Construction hydropower group | latest site recruitment information (November 10, 2021)

They have sound limbs and are more than 165 tall and adapt to the shift working system.

It mainly produces Bluetooth headset and data cable.

Epidemic prevention and control: real name health green code without travel code *⃣ All can be received.

Eat and live in the factory, deduct as much as you eat, elevator apartment building, accommodation is free, water and electricity are shared equally, and three-piece bedding sets are distributed free of charge (the cost of three-piece sets is deducted for less than three months).

Employees need to finish the first shot of vaccine.


The full moon of car repair is 150.

3 Welfare benefits: including working meal (1 dinner + nutritious meal), shuttle to and from work, free accommodation, sharing of water and electricity among 4 people, providing internal development space; Mobile phones can be brought to the workshop; The deposit of work clothes is 100 yuan, and the employees who need accommodation will be charged 100 yuan if they return their wages for one month.

⚠️ The interview must bring any one of the four major banks (agriculture, industry and commerce, construction and transportation).

25 yuan / hour (including meal allowance and all allowances).

The high unit price will be paid to the end of December, and then adjusted with the market price.

You can leave at any time after more than 70 hours.

The idle master contacts me.

PS: personnel in medium and high-risk areas will not be accepted temporarily.

Shanhaoshui haoyibao is better ♠️ 3 days after the entry of the vehicle, 240 of the vehicles (with cost) have been divided into Henan Province: Puyang and nehuang registered residence as the exclusive area of the company.

Hydropower workers looking for jobs / the latest recruitment information of brothers of hydropower workers is collected into hydropower workers looking for jobs.

The price difference includes 5 tax points..

Do you have a water electrician? I live for half a day.

For example: for 45 working days, the first 30 working days are settled according to the offer price, and the last 15 working days are calculated according to equal pay for equal work; 2 yuan / person, reimbursed according to the enterprise process.

Accommodation, water and electricity are free, dormitories have independent toilets, water heaters are complete, management fee is 80 yuan / month, social security is deducted, and 5% service fee is deducted for employee price difference.

Fixing Socket Waved End Nail Plate

Warm tips: if you have been on the job for more than 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days (uniformly handle resignation according to the requirements of the enterprise), the wage and price difference will not be affected; Less than 30 days, more than 30 days but less than 60 days, more than 60 days but less than 90 days shall be calculated according to equal pay for equal work, no price difference and no cost, 90100 days and so on.

Chuzhou Olympic Sports Center recruits a water electrician, a small worker Shunfeng daily settlement courier 240 a day! Requirements: male, 18-45 years old, can ride a three wheeled electric vehicle to deliver items, 8-12 hours (including meal time), 70-80 items per day, no one will be pressed for three days in the first two days, 240 a day, at least one month, no salary for insufficient pressure, 20 for a day after working for two months, no compensation for dissatisfaction, the company provides accommodation, 4-6 rooms in the apartment, bedding, air conditioning, independent bathroom, 2.

Production of tablet computers, smart watches, basic shift, constant temperature workshop, ordinary electrostatic clothes, simple living, humanized management.

Age: female 18 ~ 48 / male 45 years old.

After leaving, the water and electricity expenses are shared equally, Don’t sign up online, assign sites and areas, and try not to invite people to pick sites.

Wuling zhuotong recruits 50 hourly workers for weekly settlement: at least one month!!!! 20 yuan per hour, less than 15 yuan per month / hour, leave without salary within seven days, and enter the job directly without physical examination! After 7 days of attendance, part of the salary of last week can be settled every Friday, with a maximum settlement of 1000 comprehensive salary of 5000-6500.

Click the card below to enter hydropower electrician Recruitment Information [Kunshan liantao] 10.18 departure policy.

The construction period is about 90-105 days, and the renewal policy will be announced separately.

Registered residence in Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou is not collected.

The entry enterprise pays 350 yuan in advance for meals and swipes the card for meals.

Advantages of the plant: do not take the plant car, eat and live in the plant, the plant has a beautiful environment, and is located in Jinxi scenic spot; Ordinary work clothes, all sit to work, workshops and dormitories have air conditioning: full orders, stable working hours, many shifts and high retention rate.

Yukang code and travel code shall be provided for the interview, and at least one shot of new crown disease * * shall be vaccinated, mainly promoting the best enterprises in Chongqing ❤️ Add medium and high-risk areas, and pay attention to check the reputation of [Chongqing Yibao].

Non exclusive areas and public areas can receive calls for consultation in Hebei Province.

In other areas, please confirm in advance that men and women are 18-45 years old, simple literacy, know 26 letters, tattoo scars are confirmed in advance, and interview before physical examination.

The salary is paid on the 10th of each month and the price difference is made up simultaneously.

Policy: employee 2 ⃣ ️5 ⃣ ️.8 ⃣ Yuan / hour + 0.2 yuan commercial insurance (26 yuan / hour after signing the contract) the package price of pure hourly workers includes all wages, various bonuses and subsidies.

Recruitment requirements: men aged 18-47 can work hard, do not accept color weakness and color blindness, and can accept the 12-hour two shift working system (day shift: 8:00-20:00 in the morning and night shift: 20:00-8:00).


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