Construction Forum Network – National Recruitment and job information on October 14!

The contact number is 19560955500.

If necessary, please contact me at 15020262221 around Heze for a technician in Heze, Find the technical construction boss to contact 19861651597 Li Daxing District, Beijing.

The boss is Yuncheng.

Interested parties can contact by telephone    15376137518 looking for the pile cutting team.

There are 2 civil engineering technicians and 3 interns.

The group leader helps to send the recruitment information.

You can do leveling and setting out.

Overtime is calculated separately.

The contact number is 18053080800.

Find the management personnel who can carry out construction setting out and find the big worker for building perforated bricks.

13605303870 labor service company recruits powerful masonry teams and two buildings, More than 60000 square meters.


The construction period is more than one year, 320 a day, and the salary is 18953038918 in time.

I have 2 years of working experience and my salary is paid monthly.

The food, accommodation and salary are discussed in person, Tel: 13335128927 Heze Qinhai xingfuli project recruitment: 2 on-site hydropower installation engineers.

The internship period is one month (if they are competent, there is no internship period).

Is there a Heze local telephone 15265006281 where the boss has outsourced to block the channel steel eye of setting out hole? For the transformation of the old project in Huaping community opposite Heze Wanda, a technician is needed, Tel: 19861627107 Wang Gong, Anhui Huaibei needs 15065309699 Yang Qiankuai for secondary structure graying.

The construction site will be completed immediately.

Telephone 13176776627 is there a technician available? 18854658882 sun’s salary 15376569765    For the interior wall plastering of Jinxiang country garden, President Chen Jining paid for the exterior wall plastering team 13153741951 to recruit four water electricians at the Jinan construction site.

③ Be familiar with CAD, be responsible for cutting reinforcement materials and calculating quantities ④ be familiar with hydropower drawings and steel structure drawings ⑤ be experienced, responsible and grasp technical production.


Contact number: 1575372287   Good evening, manager Jia! If you need help, please contact me! 15688469319 Zhengzhou Xinxin Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd.

Those with insufficient technology or ability will be refunded by 12000 yuan.

2 greening technicians: more than 3 years of project experience, greening construction project experience, skilled in GPS and other instruments; 3.

Xiao Jining Xingfu Li recruits technicians who can work independently.

Is there a team for paving well shaped bricks in parking spaces, Contact me at 18953087897.

It is required to send monthly.

I want to find a job as a technician near Heze.

3 documenters: including 1 landscaping documenter and 2 municipal road documenters, who have 1-2 complete project experience and work carefully; Contact: Ms.

The construction site is in Shanghai.

The company recruits 3 signal workers with a salary of 5500-6000.

The construction site is in juancheng, 18816082982.

Telephone number: 18765870370.

I’m a municipal technician in Heze.

2 hydropower technicians: more than 5 years of project experience, proficient in office software; 5.

② Familiar with GPS and total station.

Tel: 13173393639.

The price is negotiable.

When I go, I’m only responsible for laying bricks; (800 * 800) bricks, 23 yuan per square meter; Telephone contact of interested parties: 17151191919.

Zhao 18538281832 (wechat)..

I am the building number chief of the construction site, the carpenter, and the carpenter’s substitute.

Call 18053000069 to apply for a job: I want to find a real supporting landscape greening job near Heze.

Call 15865015531 (the same number of wechat).

Jiaxiang recruits a technician with two knives.

The construction site is in Changqing District, Jinan.

① independent construction is required.

⑥ The salary is 18000 yuan / month, 10 days’ salary.

The address is Mudan District, Heze City.

Requirements: college degree, relevant major and relevant working experience are preferred; Address: Qinhai xingfuli project department, Mudan South Road, Mudan District Tel.: 0530-6228768 (Ms.

Telephone number: 15953004057 to recruit a municipal technician.

I have two years of working experience.

15269427107 recruitment technician Guan Hanqiao, Shikong bridge ‘15990921234 address with gate, Li village and town, Heze, do not add me if I forward it for my friends, please call Dezhou directly for indoor putty, more than 100000 square meters; Now you can enter the site and clear the contractor; Professional team please contact me: 17151191919 find a civil engineering technician in juancheng.

The salary with many years of experience is negotiable.

If you are interested, please contact manager Cui at 13793004536   Civil engineering technician has 5 years of working experience, previously worked as a pile machine technician for 2 years, and is proficient in various civil engineering instruments.

Rubber Recess Former

The contact number is 15005301169.


The salary with many years of experience is negotiable.

Tel.: 18266824345.

▼ pay attention to the Construction Forum Network, learn about the recruitment information of the construction industry for the first time, and find the landscaping team leader for the recruitment information of the engineering management team.

Zhang) mobile phone: 15098350837 Yanzhou airport to find an intern technician, who can be super flat and simple, Tel.: 15166475676 Di manager Heze Yuncheng real estate development company needs civil engineering and installation management personnel, 17615273011 Caoxian Taishan Road, near the city of joy, find two intern, salary interview manager Zhao 13853010022, Yuncheng Wutong court recruit an experienced technician, salary plus good person Zhang Zhang, connect telephone 13515227778, Chengwu Chemical Industrial Park recruitment technician, 1W ➕   Tel: 13173399113 Jining recruits an intern technician, Tel: 15725911567 Lu manager, Jining high tech Zone recruits a technical director, Tel: 13964988790 Guo manager, Beijing bridge project, find a chief technical engineer and can lead a professional construction team.

Gu Fantao applies for a job and works as a technician.

The project site is 18653306725 near the Management Committee of Heze high tech Zone, Chengwu, Shan county   Dingtao Heze applies for a job as a housing construction technician.

Contact 18605308646.

The contact person is manager Zhang for job hunting.

The daily salary is 200 yuan.

Find a surveying apprentice to follow in the secondary structure surveying and setting out.

There are two technicians or building number leaders, Heze or other places.

The location is in Qingdao.

recruits 1 person and 1 project manager, with more than 5 years of project management experience; 2.

Li recruits the new wall installation team Tel.: 13963717637.

One civil budgeter and two technicians are recruited.

Requires people to be smart and diligent.

The construction site is in Shan county, north outer ring road, Heze, Shandong.

A total of 10000 square meters; All the materials are ready.

Pruning is preferred.

If you want to find a construction site in or around Heze City, the owner of useful people can contact 15552362215 at any time    Please help Guoge issue floor tiles for Tianjin underground garage and settle accounts once for 1000 square meters.

Heze single county looks for professional lightning protection personnel and six main buildings    Add a kindergarten      There are also five single buildings.

2 municipal road technicians: more than 5 years of project experience, municipal road construction and survey experience, skilled in GPS and other instruments; 4.

I am looking for a job.

The construction site is near the building materials market on the Yellow River Road in Heze.


A technician is recruited in Wenshang, and a septic tank needs to be built.

Yanzhou Xinyi is looking for two knives.

The address is Mudan District, Heze City.


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