Comprehensive recruitment information for construction (January 4, 2022)

Sheng 18058783629 (same wechat number) urgent employment!! Welcome to recommend yourself, Thank you for [celebration] [celebration] [celebration] [celebration] [celebration] [celebration] [celebration] [steady real estate enterprise, financial director of Sulu city of Huichuang group] location: Suqian, Jiangsu salary: salary + performance + year-end bonus + housing subsidy + canteen requirements: under the age of 38 + bachelor degree or above in unified recruitment + experience as financial director of top real estate enterprise city or project for nearly 3 years.

Qi 15762911089 (same wechat number) Donghai real estate is looking for: high-end residential project planning manager, sales manager and real estate consultant.

New project manager in Chengdu (general manager of large projects) 2 New project development and construction application manager 3.

Peers in the group give priority to HR direct recommendation.

[sun] contact: Ms.

is looking for: recruitment position 1, marketing director of business division, working location: Nanchong 2, platform planning manager, working location: Nanchong 3, platform data manager / Supervisor, Location: Nanchong welcome to recommend or introduce yourself.

Yu 1568085510 (wechat Tong) email: Jinmao southwest Chengdu company is looking for: recruitment position [Jinmao Chengdu – engineering interior post] Jinjiang happy Meilin project requirements: female students are preferred, with documenter certificate, more than 3 years of project interior experience, filing experience in Chengdu archives, preferably complete residential projects, and the salary is discussed according to the interview results..

Welcome to inquire ~ Ms.

Location: Huili City, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan contact us human resources: Mr.

Li: 15961766872 (wechat) Anhui Wende Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

Zhang resume: 13505236081 xinaopeng Chengdu company is looking for: recruitment position [xinaopeng culture and education city] Qingbaijiang wanghong market is looking for a real estate consultant (sales crown first) with good image, good communication skills and customer killing power 🧡 He is a positive, enthusiastic and competitive Black Belt real estate consultant online.

Location: Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, compensation and welfare, five insurances and one fund, paid annual leave team activities, paid holiday welfare training contact us: HR Wang contact information: 15228531131 (wechat same number) Ruixin Group sincerely recruits: recruitment position 1.

Recruitment Information in Jilin region , recruitment information in other regions , human resources director , 1 , education requirements: Bachelor degree or above , job requirements: 3-5 years of working experience in the same position in large real estate enterprises, salary preference: 20000-30000, five insurances and one fund, single rest, legal rest, three meals, free training Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above job requirements: 3-5 years of management experience in large offices, overall arrangement of the annual meeting, priority for large-scale high-end reception, salary: 20000-30000, five insurances and one fund, single rest, legal rest, provision of three meals, free training Tel: Ms.

Working place: Qingbaijiang, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Contact person: Ms.

Lifting Insert

Liu Tel.: 18581993073 (wechat same number) recruitment position: Engineering Manager, Landscape Engineer, installation engineer, fine decoration Engineer, documenter The posts of land construction price engineer, sales manager, sales supervisor, planning supervisor and real estate consultant (marketing posts can be available after years) are required to be under the age of 40, with bachelor degree or above, blue-green system, cultural tourism town, Kangyang Town, agent construction experience is preferred, large platform, excellent treatment, fast promotion and beautiful environment.

Work location: Dezhou Development Zone welfare benefits: high salary + performance + node reward + five insurances and one fund + legal holidays + High Commission contact information: 0534-210072518560179621 (wechat same number) [celebration] [Green City platform recruitment of engineering manager] [sun] Project Name: Hebei Hengshui project [sun] project situation: Anping County, Hengshui, Hebei, 120 mu of land, High rise residential [sun] demand position: Engineering Manager [sun] requirements: try to localize Hebei, have experience in blue-green system, and can arrive as soon as possible.

Civil engineering cost manager work location: Sichuan salary and welfare five insurances and one fund , paid annual leave team activity , paid holiday welfare training contact us: Ms.

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