Collision between nature and Architecture — Architectural Design SU model of foreign modern wood and steel structure cliff cabin rest post

The details of super detailed SU model are handled in place, from construction nodes to material selection, combination of virtual and real, and open space.

Next, there are some excellent cases of viewing buildings, mountain buildings and tree houses.

The material is brick and wood, which is interesting against the snow scene.

The treatment method of this viewing platform is more concise, and the red rust metal material is integrated with the environment.

The design highlight of the tree house is to deal with the relationship with the trees in the base, including protection and avoidance and integration of enclosure.

This period brings you the excellent foreign modern wood steel cliff cottage rest station lookout platform architectural design SU model cliff, forest, beautiful scenery, which creates the natural landscape advantages of the building, but also increases the construction difficulty to a large extent.

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A romantic tree house, shuttling through the woods and sheltering in the shade, provides people with comfortable open air space and comfortable vacation environment.

The architectural design SU model of the observation platform of the foreign modern wood steel structure cliff cabin rest post station is 6.88mb in total.

For natural buildings, the ecological environment such as cliffs and forests coexist to some extent, aiming to create an environment-friendly and economic tree house project.

They are also built on cliffs and reefs.

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The viewfinder frame of the viewing terrace has a very artistic conception.

Ringlock Scaffolding

The viewing building is located in the ski scene area.

Lonely rest post station, warm scenic spots.


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