Chinese Architecture Awards, let’s enjoy the beautiful fairyland on earth

This imaginative building combines Chinese carved beams and painted buildings with spaceships crossing mountains and seas, producing unexpected interest.

It is like a dragon boat, with pavilions as its cabin and colored glass as its oars.

In addition, the flying crane wants to be an immortal, and the crane flies into the sky, Wonderful LingXiao City @ surrounded by “the sky wind sways the precious flowers, and the immortals under the flowers live in the green”.

It is magnificent and resplendent.

This tower is flying in the air like a startling rainbow, just like the main hall of Youlong.

The pavilions are staggered and complement each other.

It is beautiful and magnificent.

It is poetic and picturesque, and its Fairy Spirit is floating, which reminds people of the legendary Kunpeng, which is so big that it is unknown that it can spread its wings thousands of miles away, Flying immortal @ don’t go too far.

Let’s experience the charm of the country together.

It is dominated by traditional Chinese red.

Oh ~ survivors, what else Chinese architecture do you want to share? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below.

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In it is the real flying immortal Fengqi palace @ don’t go too far.

You can vote for the joyful buildings.

With golden wings on both sides, it is really like a phoenix spreading its wings.

Today, branken brings you Chinese style buildings.

The classical beauty of a dragon soaring into the sky is incisively and vividly reflected.

A touch of dark blue in the sky against the magnificent platform is fascinating.

The above is the inventory of Chinese architecture.

Ah, the Dragon returns to the sky and the Phoenix returns to its nest, This is the magnificent and magnificent architecture of the miles of rivers and mountains.

Plastic Nail Plate

It’s time for building inventory again.

Good evening, survivors.

It is composed of the main hall in the middle and the symmetrical side halls on both sides.

The resplendent tiger rest, fortune trees and red pavilions complement each other.

The Chinese Pavilion “floating like a relic, eclosing and becoming an immortal” is like being on the sea of clouds.

This Lingxiao city is even more amazing.

Being in it is like really reaching the gorgeous lights of LingXiao palace, The majestic palace is solemn and elegant, which makes people feel that they dare not speak loudly in fear of frightening people in the sky to cross mountains and seas @ brain hole artist demon boss.


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