China Resources Land x China National Games | architecture: the blooming Olympic flower gives the world a new Xi’an

It is one of the symbols of Chinese culture.

The overall shape of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium is made of Italian pomegranate flowers, and 28 pomegranate petals with different shapes are soft and stretch.

It undertakes the task of reminding time together with the drum tower.

As a landmark project one belt, one road, Xi’an Olympic Center, Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center and Xi’an International Conference Center will take 33 months to complete the construction, and to refresh the domestic record and to build new landmark in Xi’an.

  The square and symmetrical roof, balanced horizontal facade proportion and rational and regular column style translate and inherit the characteristics of Chinese classical architecture.

The facade adopts the vertical three-dimensional truss, with the diamond column as the basic unit, which is combined rigorously and orderly to form the building volume of “Ding”.

Wild goose pagoda, bell tower, qujiangchi and the ancient city wall with blue rubble all tell about the massiness and comfort here.

The Millennium ancient capital is starting again.

On the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the swimming and diving hall of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center takes the tripod as the architectural form, expresses the magnificent modern architectural vocabulary through several modeling corridor columns, reproduces the charm of Chinese civilization, and also conforms to the theme of “100 years of the founding of the party and the prosperity of China” at the 14th National Games.

The well-designed canopy form and “saddle” stand show the undulating roof and facade.

Through the “China Resources Land x China National Games” column, we will focus on the stories related to China Resources Land and the National Games and witness the power behind the city event.

I have seen the Han and Tang palaces, drums and bells in the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties.

The skin of the diamond column takes “blister” as the design concept, and different blister patterns are formed on the surface of the building by controlling different perforation rates.

The opening ceremony of the 14th National Games entered the final countdown.

The lightness and refinement of aluminum plate and the simplicity and ruggedness of V-shaped column create a strong visual conflict in the design of architectural image.

The solid city shrouds the grand scene of Chinese civilization for thousands of years.

The architectural form is taken from the city flower of Xi’an – pomegranate flower, which stimulates the new development of Xi’an, a famous city on the Silk Road under the background of the new era.

Architecture comes from the times and also records the times.

As the overall builder of “one game and two pavilions” of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center, China Resources Land gave the world an answer of “central local cooperation”.

The facade is divided by “triangle” as the basic unit, which forms a virtual and real contrast with the thick cone, making the building solemn and elegant and full of harmonious beauty.

  The city coordinates of the new silk road of Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center.

On the wall of the ancient city of Xi’an, listen to the twilight drum and morning bell of the ancient capital, and appreciate the vast and vicissitudes of the Tang Dynasty, quiet and noisy.

  As one of the important cornerstones of the new Silk Road, Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center takes the famous scenic spot “ancient city wall” in Xi’an as the design reference, interprets and responds to the ancient city wall and urban texture in Xi’an with modern architectural vocabulary, and highlights the long historical and cultural characteristics of Xi’an.

As the starting point of the Silk Road, ancient China is connected with the world for the first time; The Olympic Sports Center on the Bank of Ba River makes Xi’an keep pace with the world again and become a new aspect of the ancient capital of Xi’an.

Compete with the times, and the past is new.

  In terms of the architectural language of the three centers in Xi’an, China Resources land takes Xi’an history and culture as the heritage, integrates modern design strokes, injects new texture blood into this ancient land, and blooms the prosperous flower of the whole transportation at the starting point of the silk road.

Completed at the starting point of the ancient and Modern Silk Road, as a new landmark of Xi’an conference in China, it not only gathers a variety of urban functions, but also injects fresh vitality into business and travel conferences.

02   Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium   The modern demonstration of Tang style in prosperous times the history of a city is the history of a nation.

It is an ancient and illusory dream of the city.

  180 ultra-thin steel columns suspended from the roof truss interpret the traditional large eaves space modeling, forming a perfect combination of fashion and tradition.

  From Xi’an Olympic Sports Center to Xi’an International Convention and Exhibition Center and Xi’an International Conference Center, as the agent construction coordinator of the port area, under the opportunity of the 14th National Games, China Resources land will continue to focus on the needs of urban development, give full play to the ability of China Resources Land, actively contribute to the urban construction of Xi’an, and show the world the unique historical and cultural heritage and urban charm of Xi’an.

01   Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium   More than 2100 years ago, Zhang Qian, an envoy from Chang’an to the western regions, not only connected ancient China with the distant western world, opened up a great Silk Road, but also brought pomegranate species back to Chang’an for the first time, allowing pomegranate flowers to bloom in China for the first time, and became the city flower of Xi’an after thousands of years.

The cross columns up to 30 meters high support the roof staggered according to the geometric order.

As an “urban investment, development and operator”, China Resources Land has comprehensively contributed to the 14th National Games from venue construction, competition guarantee operation to regional overall planning.

The hyperboloid fair faced concrete platform combines the sparkling water with the long natural platform, and shows the natural beauty of diving back to nature.

03   Xi’an Olympic Sports Center swimming and diving hall   As the earliest vessel created by the Chinese ancestors, the tripod not only symbolizes height, prominence and dignity, but also includes the admiration for the ancestors and the praise of the grand occasion of the country.

Under the inheritance of Tang Feng roof culture, 16 diamond cones are orderly combined on the roof to form rigorous geometric patterns.

01 | editor’s note of Architecture: the 14th National Games is about to start.

  The bell tower of the oriental ancient capital of Xi’an International Conference Center is a municipal building in ancient cities and towns.

  For a hundred years, when the 14th National Games sounded the final charge, a huge “pomegranate flower” bloomed along the Ba River, like a skirt in the sky and a lantern in the earth, welcoming guests from all over the world and often coming to Chang’an..

Magnet Recess Former

The prosperous Tang Dynasty of a strong Han Dynasty is an important symbol of the brilliance of Xi’an, and the magnificent palaces and pavilions make the architecture of Xi’an reach a lofty realm.

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The facade consists of a continuous gradual turning aluminum plate curtain wall system, which forms a dancing ribbon image and inspires many images of the silk road.

For thousands of years, the tripod has been used, and the tripod is unique to China.

Each venue has its unique intention and vision.

Focus on the picture of the port area and imagine the future of a city.

In terms of restoring the essence of oriental architecture, China Resources land uses pure Tang style to express the most plump artistic conception.

  Combined with the elements of Xi’an traditional bell tower and Drum Tower, it is integrated into the facade design of Xi’an International Conference Center to highlight the modern lightness of the building with traditional thickness and form a strong sense of historical impact.

The bell tower in Xi’an, with a history of more than 600 years, is the largest, oldest and best preserved existing one in China.

The undulating and cascading curved roof, combined with the solid base composed of stone walls, evokes the association of mobile sand dunes on the silk road.

Xi’an International Olympic Sports Center, the Millennium ancient city, has long been branded as a cultural ancient city.

Based on the history of ancient and Modern Silk Road and Xi’an city flower, Xi’an Olympic Sports Center has “one stadium and two pavilions”, including 60000 seat stadium, 18000 seat stadium and 4000 seat swimming and diving stadium.

Entering a new period of historical development, Xi’an is gradually becoming a modern international metropolis.

The mountains and rivers are thousands of miles away, the city que has nine gates, and the main stadium of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center takes “the Silk Road sets sail, the flower of prosperity” as the design idea.

Different from the conventional space structure under the shell of the Olympic venues, the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium takes the “roof” of the Tang Dynasty as the design idea, and carries out a modern interpretation of the Tang style architectural form in the form of a high platform and a palace, so as to perfectly integrate the lights of the city with Chinese traditional aesthetics, and vividly interpret the concept of “dreaming back to Chang’an on the vigorous plateau”.

The towering gate and the wall like facade complement each other, reproducing the cultural symbol of the city.


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