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   But they are really the most likely couple.

What’s the matter? Doesn’t it mean that Tong Yan is closed in Yunmeng Mountain? No, no, no, even if he has left the customs, why is he still directing them to attack Zhongzhou Sect on the green mountain sword boat?    This strange and absurd picture comes from a long story.

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   Nothing really happened.

   Dozens of unprovoked sword strings in the sky suddenly disappeared.

   Today, qingshanzong once again rewrites the history of the practice circle of Chaotian mainland.

I want to fight a few fights, not for you qingshanzong.” Jing Jiu stopped, looked into her eyes and said seriously.

Thank you for your understanding and tolerance.

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”    Lian March waved casually and said, “I just slept too long and bored.


   The light cyan luster keeps flashing, indicating that Yunmeng array is defending.

Some stood up hard and found that there were swords everywhere in the imperial city.

   The cutting sound was so harsh that countless sparks splashed in the sky and fell to the ground like a fire waterfall, but they disappeared without a trace.

   I don’t know how long it took, there was a loud noise from Chaoge city in the distance, and then a spark splashed and disappeared.

But they didn’t let go, not once, and held it tightly from beginning to end.

  ……  ……   The alert of the imperial city was raised to the highest level, and the flying chariots kept crisscrossing in the sky.

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                 Fill, negligible               Even march went into the small temple and sat down on the threshold, but this time she didn’t face the snow field, but the Golden Buddha in the temple.

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   Gu Qing walked over and grabbed the wine jar in her hand.

”    Xuanyin’s father calmly ignored it and handed back the Tianzhu to Yin San.

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   Looking at the picture, everyone was relieved.

   Jingli looked pale and thought that fortunately there was no mirror in the dining room.

   Just when all the green mountain disciples thought that there would be a storm like attack next, the roar of Qilin gradually disappeared, and the clouds recovered again and covered Yunmeng Mountain again.

   That’s her tail, fluffy tail.

”    Even March said, “you can, if you know how to be so flexible in other aspects.

   In order to make him feel better, he cheered up and took the housekeeper out of Dayuan City, ready to go to the mountains for a few days.

     The biggest obstacle to our learning is the known, not the unknown.

   If you want to kill Bai Ren and let Bai Zao live, this is the only possible way to write the story.

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   Yuan Qijing looked over there and said with emotion, “little martial uncle is powerful.

   Dozens of unprovoked sword strings in the sky suddenly disappeared.

It should be no problem, but it always seems a little hard for some reason.

He rubbed his eyes and found that there were swords around him.

   Ping Yongjia was awakened by the long live sound of the mountain in the hall.


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