The old building was torn down

In order to ensure the safety of demolition construction, part of the roadway around Huafeng (Lianfeng) hotel will be temporarily occupied for safe enclosure during demolition, and the building structure of Huafeng (Lianfeng) hotel will be demolished and transported by construction machinery..


the demolition construction time is from June 5 to July 14, 2021, and the planned construction period is 40 days

. Fixing Socket Cross Hole

It is understood that the overall structural risk of Huafeng (Lianfeng) hotel in Haifeng County is assessed as grade D


     Netizen reported: Recently, at the door of donghuafeng (Lianfeng) Hotel, Hongcheng Avenue, Haifeng, a giant crane stretched out its long arm to escort the excavator to the top floor for construction



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