Change type and handling process of qualification certificate of construction enterprise

     2、 Construction qualification change process      1.

      After the construction enterprise obtains the qualification certificate, if the management structure of the company changes for some reason, it should be changed in time to the competent construction department.

Copy of business license of enterprise legal person;      3.

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Within 30 days of the change, apply to the competent department to summarize the main types of qualification change and specific handling processes and materials for reference.

After obtaining the business license, we should prepare materials and change the qualification.

Registered address      Due to the development needs of the company, it does not work at the registered address, but registers the new address.

     The above is the change of qualification certificate, including company name, registered address, enterprise legal person, economic type, etc., which need to be applied after the change.

     1、 Main types of qualification changes of construction enterprises      1.


Under what circumstances, the construction qualification certificate owned by the enterprise needs to be changed? What are the specific construction qualification change procedures? If we don’t understand the contents in this regard in advance, many enterprises will delay business development, thus affecting performance and interest collection.

Economic type      The economic type of enterprises has changed, such as from “state-owned” to “private”, “domestic capital” to “external”, and so on.

Click the blue text above to follow us          According to the relevant regulations of the competent construction department, the qualification certificate of the construction enterprise must be consistent with the company’s business license.

After receiving the audit report, the Department of housing and urban rural development shall record the enterprise and issue a consensus.

Original and duplicate of qualification certificate of construction enterprise;      4.

Supporting materials related to qualification change.

     3、 Materials submitted by construction enterprises to apply for qualification certificate change      1.

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Company name      If the company name changes, we must first complete the industrial and commercial registration and then get a new business license.


Review by competent department      The competent department shall review and check whether the materials meet the requirements, and report to the Department of housing and urban rural development.

Therefore, it is suggested that the construction company should change the obtained certificate to consistency in any case.

If the qualification certificate is not changed in time and the information is consistent, the project bidding qualification may be affected and the project contract will not be obtained.

In this case, the qualification certificate needs to be changed because the registered address is changed.


Online declaration      For construction enterprises that need to change their qualification, log in to the enterprise management system of the housing and construction department and fill in the application for change.


Generally speaking, where the qualification is approved by the Department, it is declared on the spot.

If the change cannot be completed, the qualification certificate will not be used, which will eventually affect the project contracting of the enterprise.

Then, the company can obtain a new qualification certificate according to the publicity content.

On site declaration by ownership       When actually submitting materials, the corresponding department shall be selected according to the ownership relationship to declare.


In addition, there are many situations that require us to change the certificate.

As long as there are changes, applications should be submitted in time.

     In case of enterprise restructuring, in addition to the materials specified in the preceding paragraph, it shall also provide the restructuring and reorganization plan, the approval decision of the superior asset management department or the general meeting of shareholders, and the resolution of the enterprise staff and workers’ Congress Approving the restructuring and reorganization.

Enterprise legal person      After division and merger, the company has changed its legal person, so it is necessary to complete the application for change of various certificates including qualification after completing the change of legal person.

Application for qualification certificate change;      2.


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