Can construction enterprises apply for high enterprises?

3、 How to choose a field? The selection of high-tech fields is a technological activity, especially for traditional industries such as construction enterprises.

Enterprises that do not meet the conditions temporarily can apply for a high enterprise cultivation library to gradually increase the pass rate of high enterprise recognition.

The higher the enterprise’s income, the higher the amount of research and development expenses required.

It is important to pay attention to: 1.

Why do you say that? 1、 Difficulties in applying for construction enterprises: 1.

The whole process management scheme of R&D expenses can be established from the three stages of project initiation, implementation and acceptance.

As is well known, it is recognized that high-tech enterprises require the support technology of their main products, which belongs to the high-tech field of national key support.

As a traditional industry, construction enterprises with substandard innovation levels have fewer products (services) supported by high-tech, which is highly likely to fail recognition due to low innovation scores.

Shoring Prop Nut

The proportion of research and development expenses is not enough to meet the requirements of high enterprise recognition of research and development proportion.

2、 The conditions for a construction enterprise to be recognized as a high-tech enterprise: Like other industries, the application for high-tech by construction enterprises also meets the eight basic conditions.

Once the selection is wrong, it will be rejected by one vote.

Remember to do a good job in the subsequent transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Collect research and development expenses properly.

Can construction enterprises, as traditional industries, apply for recognition? It’s difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Among the eight major high-tech fields, there are two suitable fields for construction enterprises to apply for, and everyone can compare them on their own.

Enterprises can try to apply for patents for construction processes that involve technological innovation, and can also obtain patents through transfer, purchase, and other means.

Generally speaking, construction enterprises have a large income scale, but their research and development expenses are not significant, making it difficult to pass the high enterprise recognition.

Kind reminder: Construction enterprises can seek professional consulting institutions for guidance.


New energy and energy-saving – Efficient energy-saving technology – Building energy-saving technology: Building energy-saving technology, green building design technology, manufacturing technology of energy-saving building materials and green building materials, integrated application technology of renewable energy devices and buildings, exquisite construction and green building construction technology, etc.


layout patents in advance to ensure quantity and quality.


Resources and Environment – Solid Waste Disposal and Comprehensive Utilization Technology – Construction Waste Disposal and Recycling Technology: Key technologies for recycling construction waste, classification and treatment of construction waste, application technology of new recycled building materials, construction key technology of recycled concrete and its products, preparation key technology of recycled concrete and its products, and application technology of recycled inorganic materials in road engineering.



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