Key Points and Strategy Analysis of Cost Control in Construction Project Management

In the process of applying the above resources, it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably guide and coordinate work, supervise and guide upcoming or existing deviations, and ultimately achieve the goal of engineering project cost control.

Cost control is one of the important contents of construction project management, and the level of cost control directly affects the final profitability of the project.

It can be seen that cost control is directly related to the future business decisions of enterprises, and doing a good job in cost control can promote sustainable development of enterprises.

Based on this, this article analyzes the importance of cost control in construction project management and the basic principles that need to be followed, explores the key work points that need to be grasped in the process of cost control in construction projects, and proposes effective measures to do a good job in cost control in construction project management, in order to improve the level and quality of cost control in project management.

Lifting Loop

In the daily operation and development process of enterprise development, only by making various decisions from the perspective of cost accounting can the scientificity and rationality of each decision be ensured, thereby creating considerable economic benefits.

The basic principles of cost control in construction projects involve aspects such as human resources, material resources, and expenses.

The importance of cost control in 01 construction projects promotes sustainable development of enterprises.

In the process of decision-making and construction implementation, construction projects will carry out a series of work based on investment estimates, engineering budgets, etc., in order to create more economic benefits and ensure the stable development of the enterprise.

In this way, the ultimate goal of cost control in construction projects is to follow the following principles when controlling the cost of construction projects

To improve the economic efficiency of construction enterprises in the face of the rapid development of the construction industry, in order to better determine the price of products, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive and detailed calculations and evaluations from the perspective of construction cost before the project starts, and make targeted judgments based on the market economy environment.

Unlike other industries, construction projects require a significant investment in costs.

In order to improve the economic benefits of engineering construction during the project management process, it is necessary to do a good job in project quality, construction progress, and cost control.


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