Building youth and colorful — Exhibition of teaching achievements of architectural design specialty of Art Department

Once exhibited, the work has also received high praise from many teachers and students, reflecting the skills and style of students in the art department.

Double Head Lifting Pin Anchor

This exhibition mainly includes hand-painted renderings, sketches, gouache and other works.

The works participating in the exhibition are from excellent students of class 19 architecture class 1 and class 19 architecture class 2.

Exhibition of works – ★ the workings displayed ★ – 19 architecture (1) Wang Xin’s 19 architecture (1) ban Wan Bingqing’s 19 architecture (1) Xu Danting’s 19 architecture (2) Yu Qing’s 19 architecture (2) Yang Jinyi’s works are wonderful.

I believe that after college study in the next few years, their professional course level will be better and better.

Each picture is in-depth and in place.

Art Department |   On October 13, 2021, architectural design major learning phased achievement exhibition / Art Department of Jiaxing Xiushui University / recently, the art department launched a phased achievement exhibition on architectural design major.

Work Tour – ★ atour of the works ★ – students watch the exhibition, students watch the exhibition-.

After years of systematic learning, they have mastered professional skills and worked in Shaohua teacher Under the leadership of teacher Shi Meiling, after several weeks of efforts, she has drawn a number of excellent works.

The students have integrated their own ideas on the basis of their majors, brought their professional level into play at this stage, and reflected the high-quality teaching level of our college.


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