Building structure – State Council: cancel some professional qualifications! Make it clear that certificates outside the catalogue shall not

This time, it has been clearly proposed to cancel the professional qualification of survey and design registered oil and gas engineer.

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Adhere to goal orientation and comprehensive policy implementation.

  The notice of Shandong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development on further standardizing the relevant requirements for the application of professional qualifications of employees in the field of housing construction and municipal engineering (ljian Jian Guan Han [2020] No.

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Pay attention to this professional qualification, which shows that more than the qualification certificate of registered oil and gas engineer is cancelled this time.

Except as stipulated by laws, regulations and rules, it shall not be used as the preconditions, bidding requirements, bid evaluation basis and contract model text of administrative licensing.

Qingdao Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development issued the notice on further standardizing the requirements for the application of professional qualification of employees in the field of housing construction and municipal engineering, which made it clear that the “eight members” shall not be included in the national catalogue of professional qualifications In October 2020, Fujian Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development issued the notice on matters related to vocational education and training of employees in housing and urban rural construction industry, which clearly stated that: not included in Catalogue of national vocational qualifications The competent departments of housing and urban rural development at all levels and relevant units shall not set up posts, recognize professional qualification licenses, or carry out assessment and certification.

(builders, fire engineers, supervision engineers, cost engineers, injection safety engineers, etc.

Star setting: enter the official account homepage, click the “top” corner, click “set star”, and the official account will appear yellow Pentagram (Android   This year, the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on further improving the work related to the reform of “release, management and service” in the service of “six stabilities” and “six guarantees”, which clearly proposed to further sort out and reduce the number of access vocational qualifications, cancel the vocational qualifications such as rural veterinarians and survey and design registered oil and gas engineers, and promote the identification of socialized vocational skill levels, Continuously and dynamically optimize the national vocational qualification catalogue.


Focus on the difficulties of enterprises and the masses in handling business and entrepreneurship We will continue to “bite the hard bone” at the blocking point, adhere to the combination of decentralization and management, pay equal attention, strive to clean up unreasonable restrictions on market players, implement more effective supervision, continuously optimize government services, and constantly improve the gold content of reform.

For the certificates to be cancelled in the engineering field, please refer to the announcement issued by the Ministry of human resources and social security in January 2021 to adjust the national vocational qualification catalogue (professional qualification of professional technicians).

Adhere to problem orientation and seek practical results.

The access vocational qualification refers to the establishment of special occupations involving public safety, personal health, people’s life and property safety in accordance with relevant laws, administrative regulations or decisions of the State Council.

The key points of adjustment are as follows: 1.

In other words, such jobs must be employed with certificates, and enterprises shall not recruit unlicensed personnel.

The latest version of the catalogue of access examinations, January 12, 2021, was issued by The Ministry of social security adjusted and publicized the professional qualifications published in 2017.

After the adjustment, 58 professional qualifications for professional and technical personnel are proposed to be included, including 31 admission certificates and 27 level evaluation certificates.

General requirements (1) guiding ideology.

The supervision of bidding and construction permit by competent departments at all levels (quality and safety reporting for supervision) handling, filing and registration, as well as in the activities of quality and safety supervision, market inspection and credit management, the national catalogue of professional qualifications shall not be The professional qualification of personnel other than the access professional qualification matters shall be taken as the precondition or the contents of supervision, inspection and evaluation.

Reasonably reduce or cancel the working years of some access vocational qualification examinations.

In order to further deepen the reform of “decentralization, management and service”, earnestly do a good job in the work of “six stabilities” and “six guarantees” and promote high-quality development, with the consent of the State Council, the following opinions are put forward.

Focus on key areas such as stabilizing and expanding employment, cultivating market players, expanding effective investment, promoting consumption, stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, and ensuring basic people’s livelihood, use pragmatic and effective policies and reform measures to enhance the sense of gain of enterprises and the masses.

3) specifies that the tenderee shall not take the certificates outside the national vocational qualification catalogue as the bid winning conditions: 1.

The access vocational qualification refers to the entry of individuals with certificates in accordance with relevant requirements Jobs in relevant industries.

10 people’s governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and commissions under the State Council and institutions directly under the State Council: Deepening the reform of “deregulation and service” and creating a market-oriented, legal and international business environment are an important starting point for doing well the work of “six stabilities” and implementing the task of “six guarantees”.

We will adhere to system integration and collaborative promotion.

The professional qualification certificates include admission certificates and level evaluation certificates.

, accelerate the transformation of government functions, deepen the reform of “decentralization, management and service”, promote the efficient allocation of factor resources, earnestly maintain fair competition, build a world-class business environment, promote the modernization of government governance system and governance capacity, and promote the sustained and healthy development of economy and society.

are all access.) The vocational qualification of level evaluation refers to the non administrative licensing vocational qualification system established for occupations with strong social universality and professionalism Opinions on reform work Guo Ban Fa [2021] No.


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Guided by Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, China will fully implement the spirit of the nineteen and nineteen sessions of the second, third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the party, conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, take a new stage of development, implement the new development concept and build a new development pattern, focusing on “six stability” and “six guarantees”.

For housing construction and municipal projects that must be tendered according to law, the tenderee shall not list the national professional qualification catalogue The professional qualification of personnel other than the access professional qualification matters shall be taken as the bidding requirements, bid evaluation basis or bid winning conditions.

The admission certificates and level evaluation certificates are different in many aspects, such as grade division, application conditions, certificate definition and use mode The difference is that the level evaluation certificate is divided into five levels, while the access certificate has no clear level division.

In recent years, “deregulation and service” The deepening of reform has effectively stimulated the vitality of market players and social creativity, but there are still some outstanding problems that are highly concerned and strongly reflected by enterprises and the masses to be solved.

Second, further promote the optimization of the employment environment (third) promote the reduction of the employment threshold..

(2) Basic principles.

We will adhere to the concept of system and strengthen “decentralization and management services” in all fields Reform should be organically linked and promoted as a whole, promote the linkage between the central and local authorities, strengthen the cooperation between departments, promote reform based on the whole life cycle and the whole industrial chain, improve supporting policies, amplify the comprehensive effect, and enhance the endogenous driving force of development.


The adjustment certificate is as follows: the original registered urban and rural planner is adjusted to the level evaluation category and renamed “land and space planner”; The original registered equipment supervisor was adjusted to level evaluation and renamed “equipment supervisor”; The original professional qualification of land registration agency was renamed “professional qualification of real estate registration agency”; The original professional agent was renamed “professional agent”.

Accounting qualification, rural veterinary qualification, entry-exit quarantine treatment personnel qualification, registered surveyor, survey and design, registered oil and gas engineer, registered metallurgical engineer, registered mining / mineral engineer and registered mechanical engineer.


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