There is a Buddhist holy land in Suzhou. There are all kinds of temples and temples with unique buildings, which attract more tourists

Each floor has an independent channel, and each floor has a concrete floor, which can allow tourists to climb on it.

The northern part of the lower floor is equipped with door coupons, and the four sides above the second floor are equipped with pot doors.

Not only the scenery here is pleasant, but also the climate has become particularly refreshing.

On this high tower, you can see water and grass wells in different forms.

Tongguanyin temple is the oldest temple.

In the busy living environment, we refused to change our living habits for a long time.

Can you go to such a beautiful place? Note: some text and picture resources in this article come from the Internet,.

Therefore, Guangfu scenic spot is a tourist attraction, which has attracted the attention of many people.

If there is anything in life that annoys us, choose those beautiful places.

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Moreover, the geographical location here is also very good, and the surrounding environment also sets off the beautiful scenery here.

Because this temple used to worship the statue of copper Guanyin Bodhisattva, it is also called copper Guanyin temple.

This high tower has left a deep impression.

The temple houses the Guangfu pagoda and a series of buildings such as the West Hall and the main hall.

Each door has a Buddha worship platform, and up to 49 Buddha statues are displayed.

The two sides are typical Wukang stone, carved with two dragons playing beads, of which the 10000 character pattern is particularly exquisite, which is a good product left in the Song Dynasty.

The original Guangfu temple, named “pagoda”, was built in the Huichang period of the Tang Dynasty.

By the Xianfeng Period, it had been burned down.

It once had a stone pagoda, a stone pagoda, a back hall and an ancient castle.

It has been 503 years and has a history of more than 1500 years.

Tongguanyin temple was built in the second year of Liang Chaotian prison.

There is a “Guangbao land” in Suzhou city.

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Suzhou mansion has a famous Guangfu scenic spot, which is a typical subtropical monsoon climate.

In front of the temple, you can see the temple bridge across, which gives people the impression of being particularly antique.

In addition, our conditions are very good.

It is a building type building with a combination of brick and wood structures.

In 846, a fire burned down.

Therefore, this area is suitable for holidays.

Its overall shape is seven levels on four sides, about 27.95 meters high, and its plan is square.

There are many ancient inscriptions and precious treasures around it.

The overpass is 16.1m long, 3.05M wide and 16.1m long.

You can go anytime you like.

It has been 1500 years, and the eminent monks who have obtained the Tao are still preaching here.

At that time, this temple reached its peak in the Tang Dynasty.

It mainly includes Guangfu temple tower, situ temple, stone temple, Shengen temple, Tonggu temple and other famous tourist attractions.

In ancient times, this temple was the main venue for eminent monks to preach scriptures.


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