Building structure – Jinhua “lakeside” accident warning and risk avoidance guide for structural designers

This steel structure accounts for only a small part of the whole project.

The engineers were indignant.

Structural safety is related to the safety of life and property.

According to online information, the main cause of the accident is design problems.

But it’s still strange that some people think it’s worth going to prison for 2000 yuan? If it were certain, no one would be so stupid.

Structural design is a profession that can’t afford to lose.

This design Oolong was not found in the process of design proofreading, drawing review and construction.

Of course, there are also some lovely engineers.

Do you still have the energy for the third trial? This is all caused by design fees.

How can the value of structural design be only 2000 yuan? We were wrong! The market has never judged prices that way.

Structural design is like this.

In case of an accident, the structural engineer will always be checked.

The design quality of some large design institutes is also deteriorating.

As designers, we always wonder why the design difficulty is increasing, but the design fee is decreasing, and this is still in the context of inflation? It is said that value determines price.

If the design fee is too low, we can choose not to do it; Once you do it, you have to take responsibility, even if it’s a watchmaker.

The more projects you do, the more likely you are to make mistakes.

In the disordered market of lowest price competition, the lowest bidder is often favored by the end.

The third trial before drawing has long become a distant legend.

We can’t put ourselves in a gamble.

More strangely, the lakeside project is not only a state-owned project, but also a star project in Jinhua development zone.

The designer cried that he was short of manpower.

Flat Rubber Recess Former

Six dead and six wounded, bloody price.

How much should the person doing it take? 1 million, 500000, 200000, 100000? The cost of doing this is determined by the lowest bidder.

If it were not for this accident, it is estimated that no one would pay attention to it.

This is the warning left by the accident.

The structure is designed according to the light steel roof, But the building roof is made of 50mm fine aggregate concrete (not light steel roof).

On November 25, 2021, a steel structure collapse accident occurred in Jinhua lakeside project, resulting in 6 deaths and 6 injuries.

We must be awed and serious.

Why should they “take the money to sell cabbage and sell white powder?” From the perspective of income and risk, this is indeed an extremely uneconomic transaction, but this transaction has existed for a long time in the design industry.

Many times, we somehow win the bet and make money, and then forget that this is the money made by gambling.

The so-called long bet will lose.

But this time, I lost the bet.

If you really can’t find someone, capital is willing to add some money to continue looking.

It’s not worth hanging a knife around our neck at this cost.

The accident also sounded an alarm with the designers.

Now, the structural designers have been hired Got it.

As long as it is checked, even the best design is easy to be found out.

As a result, the management difficulty is greatly increased and the design oolong is greatly improved.

If these costs can not become the cost of gamblers, the gamble will remain the same; More people have to gamble with them, which is a real tragedy.

Under the constraints of various factors, it is difficult for us to ensure that our project will not go wrong.

You don’t think it’s worth it.

They are really holding the money for selling cabbage and selling white powder.

The key thing is that structural safety is a probability problem.

Where there is probability, there is gambling.

The key parts of the structure should be carefully considered, repeatedly studied, reviewed and strictly followed the design procedures to ensure nothing.” In front of capital, many structural engineers forget their responsibilities.

A friend said that structural safety itself is a probability problem.

During the implementation of the project, they are willing to stick their necks and argue for structural safety.

Project outsourcing, its design quality, is naturally difficult to criticize.

The so-called “if you want to add a crime, you have no choice”..

The construction party dares to bid at a low price, the design unit dares to win the bid at a low price, the outsourcing designer dares to work for 2000 yuan, the quality control is not strict, and the quarrel among various disciplines is essentially gambling.

The architectural designer adjusts the roof practice without authorization; Decoration designers smash beams and chisel columns without authorization; The construction unit, without authorization, removes the formwork in advance and increases the stacking load; It is also a gamble that designers dare to draw pictures without proofreading.

Someone always thinks it’s worth it.

In case of an accident, structural engineers must be blamed.

Hey, structural engineers, we are engaged in life-threatening work.

This logic is not limited to the outsourcing market.

We owe them a “thank you”.

Thank God.

Collect reasonable fees, bear the responsibilities and perform the obligations.

OK, don’t do it.

Can you imagine why the design and drawing review of such an important project are so lax? A very important reason is that the design fee is too low.

When the design fee is low, we can only find outsourcing or even subcontracting at all levels.

If someone is willing to pay 50000 yuan to do it, it is worth 50000 yuan; If you don’t want to do it, change someone else.

As a 92 year old engineer said, “all structural works must be taken seriously and must not be carried out carelessly.

It is said that an outsourcing designer was found, and his design fee was only 2000 yuan.

When they are free, Hello, Hello, everyone.

He could finish the drawing with running and climbing before the drawing node.

Finally, the outsourced structural design cost was only 100000, but some people still scrambled to do it.

The design institute thinks it’s not worth it, and the speculators think it’s worth it; The teacher thinks it’s not worth it, but the apprentice thinks it’s worth it.

It is also true for many normal bidding projects and even government projects.

After a thing is done, it can bring 10 million benefits.

A friend once came across a project, a key project in a city, a large-span complex steel structure, with a construction cost of hundreds of millions.


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