Building structure design qualification has changed! Attach the original notice!

The interpretation of the staffing table (New) of other design qualifications is written here, and the following is the original notice: the original notice informs the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people’s Republic of China to implement the reform requirements of the qualification management system of construction engineering enterprises, The Ministry, together with the relevant departments of the State Council, drafted the qualification standards for construction enterprises (Draft for comments), the qualification standards for engineering survey (Draft for comments), the qualification standards for engineering design (Draft for comments), and the qualification standards for engineering supervision enterprises (Draft for comments) (see the annex).

In this reform, reducing the qualification threshold is the main purpose, and the number of registered personnel is also decreasing, but relatively speaking, the impact on buildings and structures is relatively small.

There is no comparison between the old and the new here.

Municipal qualification (New) municipal qualification (old) other design qualifications are relatively small.

106 stipulates the registration requirements for plumbing and electricity majors, which requires that new applications, upgrades, and additions must be registered.

See the following for details…

The completion performance can be completed by the main designer (it is not required to be the professional leader), which is the advantage of the second level registration over the professional title.

At this time, you can choose one of the two, registration certificate and senior engineer.

Attachment: 1 Qualification standards for construction enterprises (Exposure Draft) 2 Engineering survey qualification standard (Exposure Draft) 3 Engineering design qualification standard (Exposure Draft) 4 Appendix contents of qualification standards for engineering supervision enterprises (Exposure Draft).

Now we are open to the public for comments.

The notice of the general office of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development on the public solicitation of opinions on four qualification standards, including the qualification standard for construction enterprises (Draft for comments), is first set up on the main technical director (seemingly the chief engineer), Pay equal attention to senior professional titles.

The current policy should be that those who need to register should use registration, and those who do not need to register should use the job title.

In addition, the second level certified architect and the second level certified structural engineer are mentioned.

It is directly placed at the end of the article.

The original provisions are just as follows: now the restriction of having been engaged in design work for more than 10 years after graduation is cancelled, but it is required to complete at least 3 medium-sized achievements as a professional principal (in fact, the difficulty is not lower than that of registration), and the “ability” depends on the number of years.

Note that it is only possible here.

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Mailing address: Ministry of housing and urban rural development, No.

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For example, class A in the industry has increased the requirements for registrants of structures and buildings, and class B in professional qualifications has reduced the number of registrants.

Note that this conclusion is only required for the construction table.

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Personal performance is mentioned again later, so we must pay attention to it.

Building qualification (New) building qualification (old) building qualification is our most common qualification, so here we compare the following new and old changes: (1) cancel grade C and grade D, which was mentioned a long time ago.

Relevant units or individuals can give feedback through the following ways and means before March 10, 2022: 1 mail box: 。 2.

(3) The professional allocation has been greatly reduced (this part of professional titles is no longer needed, which is good for the enterprise), the number of personnel allocation, and the requirements for the number of registered building and registered structure personnel have not been reduced (the certificate still needs to be tested) (4) the “professional comparison table when registration is not started” has been deleted, and the registration of equipment and electrical majors is no longer required in the construction industry, I guess the original document No.

(2) The requirements for personnel vary from discipline to discipline and from grade to grade.

There is no hurry for these majors, which are needed in the Municipal Industry and the power industry).

106 of the Ministry of construction should be invalidated synchronously (the original document No.

Note that there are changes in the requirements for non registered personnel here.

9, Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing (please indicate the words “qualification standards for comments” on the envelope), postal code: 100835.

Secondly, the personnel in the staffing table, whether registered or non registered, have requirements for performance, so whether there is performance in the future will become a key point.

In this revision, it is specifically mentioned that if the registrant has two registration certificates at the same time, only one professional certificate will be recognized during the assessment.

The new qualification standard, which has been passed on the Internet for a long time, suddenly comes when everyone is about to forget! As it has been known before, this change is also expected.

In addition, we often encounter municipal qualifications.

Circle it here and take the exam! Remember to ask the unit to report the projects you have done.

The two are not equal, and other places are not necessarily good, so the best way is to have both, whatever you want.

The biggest change is plumbing, which required registration before, but was removed after the new qualification.


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