Building structure – an excellent structural engineer is a mechanist first

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For a country, it should be rich and strong.

Is that really the case? This is what I want to discuss in this section.

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It is also the most important theoretical weapon for heliocentric theory to win a decisive victory.

The country can’t get rich by mechanics.

Four books should be mentioned in particular in the early development of mechanics.

It has no effect on clothing, food, housing, transportation, eating, drinking, playing and fun.

They persecuted all those who opposed geocentrism.

On the surface, can we get rich by mechanics? I’m sorry, there’s not much money to collect taxes from mechanics.

However, in the historical development of the whole scientific revolution, mechanics plays a leading role.

Steel Chamfer

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It declares that power in the past is the destruction of truth, that power can monopolize truth, and that the trick of turning deer into horse is bankrupt.

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I add two more things: clothing, food, housing and transportation.

In any case, the challenge to the truth view of “power is truth” initiated by mechanics represents the trend of historical progress.

If geometry was the main tool to study astronomy before Newton, mechanics became the main tool to study astronomy after Newton..

Copernicus, Galileo and Newton’s heliocentric theory defeated the geocentric theory.

Mechanics and the whole natural science have been exploring and making contributions to solving these secrets.

When mankind entered the 19th and 20th centuries, science was unprecedentedly prosperous.

Its significance is not only the victory of new ideas in astronomy, but also the growth, development and maturity of mechanics in science.

These four books are the foundation works for the maturity of mechanics.

If China is a powerful country, then all military weapons and national defense facilities are projects, and none of them leave the project.

It has played a role in at least the following three aspects: first, it is the first discipline to challenge the truth view of power, that is, truth, and win a decisive victory.

The discipline of mechanics, especially dynamics, gradually matured in opposing the geocentric theory and developing heliocentric theory.

It forced the arrogant power before the Middle Ages to bow to the emerging science.

Then, Due to the continuous progress of Science (for example, the impact of the theory of evolution on the theory of God creating man) and the continuous victory of the humanistic spirit.

That’s why the Holy See vindicated Galileo’s trial.

Therefore, it is very easy to understand the importance of the project to the international people’s livelihood Solution.

The worldwide scientific revolution, which began in the 17th century, fundamentally changed human understanding of the objective world, human thinking mode and human material life.


None of them leaves the project.

But isn’t mechanics useless? It can neither be rich nor strong.

Focusing on these three issues has always been the forefront of the struggle between ignorance, superstition and science.

Geocentric theory is the “truth” monopolized by the Roman Church.

So that the Christian Church had to run newspapers in the name of science and even science Hospital.

It is said that the evolution of the universe, the origin of life and the material structure are the three major issues that human beings have been exploring all the time.

They are: Nicolas Copernic (1473-1543) in 1543 and Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) in 1632, Galileo’s Book Dialogue on two new sciences published in 1638 and Isaac Newton’s Book Mathematical Principles of natural philosophy published in 1687.

To be rich, taxes are collected from various factories and industrial departments.

In order to more accurately grasp the relationship between mechanics and modern engineering, we first make a brief review of the role of mechanics in the development of human civilization.

The arbitrariness of power, that is, truth, became more and more unpopular.

Besides clothing, food, housing and transportation, play, and now entertainment, as well as learning.

(Android and IOS users operate the same) we all know the importance of the project, which is self-evident.

I mean directly.

This trend in China, that is, the ideological trend of democracy and science after the May 4th movement.

It warned people that no matter how powerful and powerful he was, he must be humble in front of science.

He is a revolution in the view of truth in human history.

First, astronomy has entered a new era.

Second, another great role of mechanics in human history is to promote the development of modern science and become the leader of modern science.

Mechanics has played a very important role in world history.

From the history of the world, before introducing the relationship between mechanics and modern engineering.

Those who follow will prosper and those who go against will perish.

Westfall, a professor of the history of science at Indiana University, in the preface of his book the construction of modern science, At the beginning, he said: “there are two topics that influenced the scientific revolution in the 17th century – one is to observe nature in a geometric sense and understand the universe as a Pythagorean tradition constructed according to the instructions of mathematics; the other is the philosophy of mechanics, which understands nature as a huge machine and looks for the explanation of mechanism hidden behind phenomena.” The maturity and development of mechanics has greatly changed the face of human understanding of the world.


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