Building repair has great potential! Waterproof leading enterprises won the bid one after another, with an amount of more than ten million!

The scope of repair covered roof, exterior wall and underground space…

Yuhong said that six good news and six bid winning notices in a row were inseparable from two key factors, The first is to accurately explore the needs of the tenderee, and the second is its own excellent service strength.

Leakage repair has great potential! In order to achieve high-quality development in the field of leakage repair, since its establishment, Dongfang Yuhong building repair has put forward the core development concept of “building a business with expertise”, combed the service process of building repair, made efforts from multiple levels such as intelligent detection, technical consultation, contract signing, construction service, service return visit and engineering insurance, and continuously improved core technology breakthrough, channel service Industrial chain…

As a leading waterproof enterprise, Yuhong repair has won the bid for repair projects in many fields, with a bid winning amount of more than ten million, demonstrating the excellent strength of waterproof leading enterprises! At the same time, we also see that in the blue ocean market of leakage repair, waterproof enterprises will have great prospects.

The bid winning output value ranged from 1.1 million to 4 million, and the total bid winning amount exceeded 10 million.

Introduction with the advent of the post construction era, the aging of houses is becoming more and more serious, and the demand for leakage repair is increasing day by day.

In addition, Dongfang Yuhong building repair believes that solving the problem of “living in peace” for the people is always the only way for the high-quality development of building repair enterprises.

Recently, waterproof enterprises have won the bid continuously in the field of leakage repair.

Recently, Dongfang Yuhong architectural renovation won the bid for the renovation projects of universities, industrial plants, hospitals and several communities.

Round Bar Ferrule

It fully reflects the strong brand influence and comprehensive strength of Dongfang Yuhong.

At the same time, it also encourages people in the waterproof industry who are interested in building leakage repair to summon up confidence and courage.

For the waterproof industry, leakage repair is another blue ocean market worth excavating.

It is also the recognition of Dongfang Yuhong’s ingenuity in waterproof.

In addition to coming to an end in person, Dongfang Yuhong building repair vigorously develops the strategy of “100 cities, 1000 stores and 10000 stations”, takes the “construction e Institute” service ecological platform as the guidance and waterproof maintenance as the starting point, integrates the upstream, middle and downstream industrial chain of building repair, distributes markets all over the country, and provides three enabling means through market publicity, training and learning and technical support, It has effectively consolidated the foundation of local development, joined hands with Dongfang Yuhong building repair to enter China’s building repair market, and jointly promoted the high-quality development of “professional, standardized and formal” in the building repair market.

Recent activities: 2021 “family leakage diagnosis and treatment month” and 2021 “academic forum in the field of home decoration waterproof and leakage maintenance” in Yunnan Province        According to the two-dimensional code, we are interested in more exciting articles: the Oriental Yuhong building repair official account: the China Construction waterproof magazine, Suzhou Yuet Ju Waterproofing Technology Co., Ltd., executive editor: Pan Wenliang editor in charge: Peng Qing (receipt letter box: )Marketing: Ma Xinghua (Tel.: 13776076897) copyright notice this number is Official account of China’s building waterproof, WeChat official account, any newspaper, website, micro-blog, WeChat public number, etc., without the consent of the society, shall not carry out original works of this number..

It is committed to building a “Union Hospital” in the construction and repair industry and building a professional, standardized and formal Internet attribute service ecosystem for construction and repair.

This impressive report card is also really surprising.


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