Building materials final exam answer? What certificates can be obtained in the chemical industry?

I want to get a professional supervision engineer certificate.

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You should go to the Department that signed up at the beginning to understand, and then ask level by level if there are other reasons, or the unit that signed up did not give it.

It should be assessed.

First aid, when and how to hand in the work certificate issued by the unit required for the secondary constructor application.

How many years does the title of political work enter? After obtaining the primary title, the above intermediate and senior must be in their current position for five years before they can obtain the application qualification, and the corresponding title can be obtained only after passing the evaluation after application.

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It is not automatically obtained when the service life is reached.

When did Anhui Province get the qualification certificate of registered supervision engineer in 2009? The qualification certificate passed in 2009 should have been issued at the end of October or early November 2009.

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