Building lunch Vol.2 | 15 minute life circle, how to heal people’s hearts?

We didn’t move the studio to the Suzhou River until the beginning of this year, which should be 15 minutes away from the living circle.

This topic is -15 minutes life circle Cao Yang Bai Xi Park unexpectedly becomes “net red Park”.

In 2021, it won the first Sanlian humanistic city award, creating Chi Nong yuan, Shanghai community garden series micro renewal experiment and Shanghai SEEDING were selected in 2017, 2018 and 2020, “Shanghai Handbook” respectively.

In a high-density city like Shanghai, people can live comfortably as long as the public transportation system is developed.

The location of this project is not a huge urban skyline like a river, but in a smoky community space.

“Architecture must be used before it can become a real architecture, otherwise it will be just a clock in point.

Two Hole Anchor

Although the university campus is not 100% public space, many residents will come in to enjoy various functions, such as exercising, eating, reading, or letting children receive some popular science education , these needs can be met on campus, which is also an interesting phenomenon.

Universities are also communities.

We retained some concrete and made a small pond of habitat, trying to create some habitat for science popularization through “seed relay” And so on, hoping to awaken people’s understanding of the redevelopment of urban space.

My wife and I have lived along Anfu road since we moved to Shanghai in 2007, and the studio was also selected nearby.

It will soon become a “net red Park” of Shanghai citizens Liu Yuyang: as an architect, what we always see is regret and imperfection.

Centennial Park   © Liu Yuyang: we pay more attention to the feelings of residents.

⬇️ The following is a summary of the content, which lasts about 8 minutes ⬇️/ 0115 minute life circle / Julia: this year’s susas theme “15 minute life circle” Liu Yuyang: I’m a believer and practitioner in the 15 minute life circle.


Architects Liu Yuyang (right) and Liu Yuelai (left) © I-talk / 02 susas urban space art season / Julia: what interesting projects did you two do in susas this year? Liu Yuyang: at the end of October last year, we participated in the design and later exhibition planning of the centenary Park in Caoyang New Village, Putuo District.

Later, I moved to Hong Kong to teach and live , public transportation is also very convenient.

Liu Yuelai: me I am a beneficiary of the 15 minute life circle.

For example, there are 10 matching combinations of our walls, some transparent, some semi transparent, some can open the door and some can not open the door, because the residents of the community are not sure whether to connect with the park In the early stage, our design team had a dialogue with the residents of each community..

Why did architect Liu Yuyang choose “high line public park” to use space? Facing the public to make complaints about what to build the park in the demolition of vegetable farms.

invited to curate the Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale in 2007, the Chengdu International Architecture Biennale in 2011, and the “life exercise” of Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum in 2012 Architecture exhibition, 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, China Pavilion Theme installation and exhibition design, etc.

Our studio has been around the school for more than 10 years, and there is a development circle around Tongji.

Liu Yuelai   Representative works of the director of the experimental center for community gardens and community construction of Tongji University, co-founder and chairman of Shanghai four leaf thatched cottage: more than 120 community gardens have been built in different types of communities in 12 districts of Shanghai, supporting more than 700 autonomous Mini community gardens and more than 1000 community gardens and community construction workshops.

It was originally a railway line Later, it became a farmer’s market.

in 2020, as the curator, he held the first China Europe architecture invitational exhibition, and served as the curator of the Centennial Prelude Hall of Caoyang community, the exhibition of Shanghai urban space art season (susas) in 2021.

This year’s susas has a very grounded theme: “15 minute community life circle: People’s city” Liu Yuyang’s 15 minute walk & ride from Meihua Xinhua to Xingfu Cao Yang not only meets the basic needs of life, but also establishes a deeper connection with the community and neighbors? Guest of this issue   Liu Yuyang is the architect in charge of the school of design of Shanghai Jiaotong University   Representative works of visiting professors: Experimental Primary School Affiliated to Tongji University, Shenyao Art Center, Beijing Xidian memory cultural and creative Town, waterfront landscape and connection of Shanghai Minsheng wharf, Xiyue Yunlu ecological hotel, Caoyang Baixi Park, etc.

, how did the architects respond? Why did the residents who were unwilling to open the door to the park change their mind? In the “surplus space” of the community In the community, the relationship between man and nature is only to see and be seen? How can people develop closer neighborhood relations? At the moment when community construction has attracted much attention, are we talking about the design of space or the healing of the people? How to plant “future events” Should architects design a space for 1 million people to visit once, or can 10000 people revisit 100 times? Welcome to the [Architecture lunch] column of this issue to discuss the “15 minute life circle” in the eyes of architects with architects Liu Yuyang and Liu Yuelai.

— Liu Yuelai  ” This autumn, the bright yellow posters of susas in Shanghai urban space art season are all over the streets of Shanghai.

I teach in Tongji, so I live near the school.

As one of the overall promotion plans for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Caoyang New Village, the centenary park is very consistent with the theme of susas.

At that time, Boston and New York where I lived were places with very developed urban public transportation system, and the walking experience was very pleasant.

But from the perspective of architects, there are many regrets.

This narrow and long open space, which is one kilometer long and 10 to 20 meters wide, has a walking distance of just 15 minutes.

— Liu Yuyang  ” “Citizens not only consume this space, they can also become producers of space.

I call it “urban surplus space” Liu Yuelai: we directly participated in the “flower blooming Puhuitang” in the main exhibition area of susas Xuhui , another co-founder of our team, Mr.

2 Liu Yuyang & Liu Yuelai: Click to listen to the audio of this issue in the 15 minute life circle.

The site is a relocated flower and bird market, which reflects the current situation of urbanization.

In the early 1990s, I sold my car when I was a graduate student in the United States.

It is pushed irregularly to add some materials to the lunch of construction lovers.

Wei Min, presided over the design of a community garden jointly built.

We have made such an “alternative” From the perspective of media communication, I must give it 200 points.

Architecture lunch volume02 ` Vol.

Baixi Park blooms Puhuitang / 03 “high line Park” of Shanghai citizens / Julia: Baixi park is a place where people can relax physically and mentally, integrate into the community and get close to nature.

architecture lunch is a new conversation audio program launched by i-talk, focusing on social hot spots and new events in the construction field, chatting about architects’ inspiration and views, joy and trouble.

At the beginning of last year, the farmer’s market was demolished due to the epidemic and became a temporary parking lot.


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