Building carbon neutralization weekly report | 2021.10.1-2021.10.10

Guangdong: Zhaoqing high tech Zone issued several measures to save electricity and support the development of manufacturing industry on September 30.

This is the first provincial local regulation in China to promote the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutralization goals.

It is understood that Xuhui has issued an independent ESG report for two consecutive years and has made great efforts to become an ESG model enterprise..

Citizens can not only visit 12 major scenic spots such as low-carbon post station, carbon heart square and children’s fun carbon Knowledge Park, but also help “carbon neutralization” through various low-carbon experiences.

  Zhangjiakou: the renewable energy demonstration area “green energy” leads the green development.

Green power trading is to establish independent green power trading varieties under the existing medium and long-term trading framework, actively guide users with green power demand to trade directly with power generation enterprises, and give priority to organization, arrangement, implementation and settlement of green power in power market trading and power grid dispatching operation, Through relevant policies and measures, encourage the enthusiasm of power users to purchase green power.

The measures were officially implemented on October 1 this year and are valid for five years.

  The first passive ultra-low energy consumption building envelope application in Southwest China Chengdu Power Construction · Mingyue Yufu project adopts passive130 passive aluminum clad wood system window, which is designed with three pieces of glass and filled with inert gas in the middle cavity.

On September 28, the city’s first “carbon neutralization” theme park, Beijing Wenyuhe Park future wisdom Valley, was officially opened.

Located in Shanghai’s Qiantan business district, Qiantan Swire is the third “Swire” in mainland China.

On August 26, Xuhui held a 2021 interim performance conference and released the independent ESG report at the conference.

Taikooli on the foreshore uses the Municipal Energy Center for energy supply.

As of August 2021, the installed capacity of renewable energy in Zhangjiakou has reached 21.58 million KW.

02   Industry news nationwide: carry out pilot green power trading.

The document pointed out that we should vigorously promote the construction of photovoltaic power generation projects.

01 policy related Tianjin: the regulations of Tianjin Municipality on the promotion of carbon neutralization of carbon peak was issued.

Recently, the 29th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 17th Tianjin People’s Congress adopted the regulations of Tianjin Municipality on the promotion of carbon neutralization of carbon peak, which will come into force on November 1, 2021.

The “wellness” design concept runs through, creating an urban space with high-quality life, careful management, promotion of physical and mental health and sustainable life.

Hebei: improving the quality of rural housing construction in order to further promote the implementation of the project to improve the quality of rural housing construction in Hebei Province, on October 3, the Department of housing and urban rural development of Hebei Province issued the “pilot demonstration work plan for further rural housing construction”, which put forward detailed planning and requirements for the construction of rural housing in the existing pilot areas in Hebei Province.

The Yunding stadium group in Zhangjiakou competition area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games adopts green power for construction and living, which is transformed from the renewable energy of Zhangjiakou City.

Haihui art museum is the first passive low energy consumption demonstration building jointly certified by China and Germany in Henan Province.

The so-called “passive building” refers to the energy-saving building built based on passive design, abandoning the “active” means such as air conditioning and warm air in traditional buildings, and relying on various passive energy-saving means such as high-efficiency and high-performance external insulation system and high air tightness, so as to realize ultra-low energy consumption, constant temperature, constant humidity and constant oxygen green building.

It is rated as “near zero energy consumption building” by China Building Energy Conservation Association.

03   Technological innovation: the first passive Art Museum in China to achieve constant temperature and humidity without air conditioning.

Jiangsu: Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone has issued measures to promote green development, giving subsidies to the investors of new distributed photovoltaic power generation projects according to the power generation capacity, and giving one-time subsidies to the users (roof side) of new distributed photovoltaic power generation projects adopting the contract energy management mode according to the installed capacity of the project, so as to encourage the exploration and use of hydrogen energy and other related clean energy, Certain subsidies will be given to the construction of charging facilities.

Through the national evaluation of nearly zero energy consumption buildings, the comprehensive energy-saving rate of the project is 91.64%, and the energy-saving rate of the building body is 46.49%, The utilization rate of renewable energy is 84.38%, with remarkable energy-saving effect.

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04   Customer dynamics Swire Group: Qiantan Swire leads the beauty of wellness life.

  Application of clean heating technology of deep geothermal energy in Shaanxi natatorium project Fengxi new town natatorium project in Xixian new area of Shaanxi integrates the concept of green and low carbon, highlighting the application of renewable energy, resource recycling and intelligent management.

Beijing’s first “carbon neutralization” theme park was opened.

Imported flexible super warm edging is adopted, and the tolerance temperature is from minus 51 ℃ to 127 ℃.

It can be used normally even in extremely cold and hot areas.

The energy center uses technologies such as distributed energy supply, water cooling storage, frequency conversion control, energy monitoring and automatic control to make cascade use of energy, effectively reduce the overall regional energy consumption, improve the energy efficiency of the system, and significantly reduce the carbon emission of the regional energy supply system   Xuhui group: release the independent ESG report.


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