Brush and explode the green ecological buildings in the construction industry, but you know nothing? (6300 cases of green buildings

We should reduce the use of resources and strive to make them renewable.

The air cooling system is set according to the principle of natural ventilation, so that the building can effectively use the dominant wind direction in summer.


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In order to make the design a composable system, the device itself is completely modular, ecological and can be extended and increased in each direction.

The realization of 3x green building X after one year’s research, panda showed their building installation “rising” at the Beijing Design Week of 15 years.

StarMark pays attention to “Ding Yi design” Ding Yi updates high-quality design resources for you from time to time Oh, design | resources | inspiration | information issue “442” text according to the data of the European Institute of architects, the carbon emission and energy consumption of buildings in the whole life cycle, The consumption of materials and the emission of pollutants account for 40% of the whole society, and the development of green buildings has become one of the future trends? Perhaps the first second thought is the picture of vertical tall buildings, vegetated roofs or indoor planting of many trees, but this is only a very simple level.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole

The building adopts the plane form and overall layout adapted to the local climate conditions.

2 / resource conservation: the rational use and disposal of resources shall be considered in architectural design, construction and the selection of building materials.

Green buildings should also be equipped with solar heating, hot water, power generation and wind power generation devices according to geographical conditions, so as to make full use of natural renewable energy.

The wood, bark, bamboo, stone, lime and paint used in the building shall be inspected and treated to ensure that they are harmless to human body.

Save water resources, including water for greening.

Design concept of green building X1 / energy saving: make full use of solar energy, adopt energy-saving building envelope and heating and air conditioning, and reduce the use of heating and air conditioning.

Bamboo has been selected as the main material because of its long tradition and structural properties in China and its situation of being ignored.

This is a device made entirely of bamboo and rope.



1X # what is green building? X # greenarchitecture green building refers to fully considering the coordination between the building and the surrounding environment in the process of design and construction, and using natural energy such as light energy and wind energy to minimize energy consumption and environmental pollution.


3 / return to nature: natural materials should be used as much as possible for green buildings.


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