Bidding qualification of construction company_ Qualification of construction bidding company

ISO four system refers to quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system and construction quality system.

Among them, the construction quality system is the basic qualification of the construction industry.

ISO four system certification certificate.

This is a kind of certification and ability.

The personnel and materials required for handling different qualification projects are also different.

Whether you can drive or not has nothing to do with whether you have a driver’s license, but if you have a driver’s license, it proves that you are capable of driving.

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Qualification is a kind of certification and recognition.

If you don’t have a health certificate and work safety license, do you feel uneasy about eating? So is the construction enterprise.

If you need it, Please add wechat customer service / telephone consultation: 19521986458 why do all construction companies need to apply for construction qualification certificates? Answer 1: only with relevant qualification certificates can they undertake engineering projects.

Answer 2: why should you have qualification? It’s like a restaurant.

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More and more bidding projects, especially engineering bidding projects, will provide 2-3 points for ISO four system.

ISO four system has become the entry threshold for many bidding projects, especially in the construction industry.

Therefore, enterprises are now required to have this qualification, which is the threshold for whether they can get the right to project construction! Handling the construction qualification of construction engineering is mainly divided into new ones and additional ones: the new one is the enterprise without qualification, and the additional one is the enterprise’s existing qualification! Followed by: upgrading and extension.

Someone did it himself for almost four months before, and then found us.

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It is not difficult to identify a single year of abiding by the contract and valuing the credit, but it is difficult for five or even ten consecutive years.

Corresponding qualifications are required for bidding and construction of different buildings.

Only enterprises with good reputation and not violating the contract can be publicized.

This is a very good business card.


The publicity activity of abiding by the contract and valuing the credit is a comprehensive evaluation of the enterprise credit by the government.

It is the most comprehensive and systematic international management standard in the world.

Are you a construction enterprise? Answer 2: the association is a non-governmental organization answer 3: general qualifications are issued by the Department of construction, and special ones are issued by the Ministry, and all qualifications can be queried on the engineering construction information network ~ ยท if you can’t find them, there is a problem ยท if you need them, Please add wechat customer service / telephone consultation: 19521986458 case contact us AAA integrity management demonstration unit certification certificate to find completion group! Regular institutional channels, many years of reputation, rich cases, let you save time and worry! Professional ISO9000, 9001 and other series of enterprise credit rating certificates, AAA integrity supplier certification certificates and other leading institutions, one-stop leading services! Please consult customer service wechat / Tel: 19521986458, public institutions do not disturb!..

ISO is the management system standard formulated by the international organization for standardization.

The scope of projects undertaken varies with different qualification levels.

Otherwise, the processing time will be delayed for a long time.

The specific handling process is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the government and batch approval! Detailed things can query relevant architecture books and consult relevant personnel! Answer 3: only with qualification can we undertake projects.

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If you want to check the authenticity, you can go to the construction commission, They knew the authenticity of the certificate at a glance.

You must be familiar with the process and have something to do with you.

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