[bidding announcement] bidding announcement of prefabricated building technology application center

5, Jianshe West Road, Tiexi District, Shenyang The announcement period is 5 working days from the date of issuance of this announcement.


Supplier qualification requirements 1.


1、 Project basic information project No.: jh20-210000-82992 project name: prefabricated building technology application center package group No.: 001 budget amount (yuan): 2200000.00 ceiling price (yuan): 2200, 000.00 procurement demand: check the contract performance period: government procurement policies to be implemented within (30) days after the contract is signed: implement relevant policies such as small and medium-sized micro enterprises / disabled persons / prisons / energy conservation and environmental protection.

After the system automatically opens the account, you can participate in government procurement activities.

See the notice on further optimizing the warehousing procedures of government procurement suppliers in Liaoning Province (lcchh [2020] No.

See Liaoning government procurement website for details.

4、 Time for obtaining bidding documents: 08:30 on September 6, 2021 to 17:00 on September 13, 2021 (Beijing time, except legal holidays) location: Liaoning government procurement network method: online selling price: free v.

Method of receiving challenge letter: written and paper challenge letter 2.

Meet the provisions of Article 22 of the government procurement law of the people’s Republic of China.

deadline for submission of bidding documents, time and place of bid opening: room 10b19, Qianyuan fortune constellation, No.

8、 For other supplementary matters, the bidder shall register on Liaoning government procurement website, and after successful registration, the bidder shall register on Liaoning government procurement website.


If the questioning supplier is not satisfied with the reply of the purchaser or the procurement agency, or the purchaser or the procurement agency fails to reply within the specified time, it may file a complaint with the financial department at the same level within 15 working days after the expiration of the reply.

The project (yes / no) accepts consortium bidding: No.

Short Waved Anchor

If suppliers participating in government procurement activities in Liaoning Province do not enter the government procurement supplier library in Liaoning Province, please refer to the relevant provisions of “government procurement suppliers warehousing” published in “home page – policies and regulations” of Liaoning government procurement website, Handle warehousing registration procedures in time.

Content and format of challenge letter: it shall comply with the relevant provisions of the government procurement challenge and complaint measures and the format of the model government procurement challenge letter formulated by the Ministry of finance.

Instructions for government procurement suppliers warehousing.

Bidding announcement information announcement Title: bidding announcement of prefabricated building technology application center Author: Beijing jianzhida Engineering Management Co., Ltd.

198) for specific provisions.

Qualification requirements to be met for the implementation of government procurement policies: none 3.

Fill in brief information such as unit name, unified social credit code and contact person.

validity period: 2021-09-06 to 2021-09-13 (prefabricated building technology application center) bidding announcement project overview potential suppliers of bidding project of prefabricated building technology application center shall be in Liaoning government The government procurement network obtains the bidding documents and submits the bidding documents before 09:30 (Beijing time) on September 30, 2021.

Specific qualification requirements of the project: none 3.

7、 If the supplier considers that its rights and interests have been damaged, it may raise a query to the procurement agency or the Purchaser within seven working days from the date when it knows or should know that its rights and interests have been damaged.


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