Beijing Winter Olympics – National alpine skiing Center: the wonderful harmony of people, architecture and mountains and forests

Wrestling is common.

With enthusiasm for the Winter Olympics, Zhang Zhixiang and six other professors organized more than 120 students to participate in the background survey, which “robbed” a year’s advance for the early commencement of Yanqing competition area.

Time is tight and the task is heavy.

The real “entry” of xiaohaituo mountain is the winter of 2016.

In winter, the top of the mountain reaches more than minus 30 degrees, and there is no bottom in everyone’s mind whether the meadow can survive the wind of level 7 and 8.

Visual design: Liu Liang’s scarce meadow has given birth to the national alpine skiing center, which is located in xiaohaituo mountain in Yanqing, the “second peak” of Beijing.

He has been engaged in the protection and utilization of wild animals and plants for more than 40 years.

The stripping site is on the top of the mountain.

We can’t walk at all.

It can only be peeled manually, “fall back and forth with a knife.” In order not to hurt the grass roots as much as possible, the turf shall be stripped according to the length, width and thickness of each 35 cm to 40 cm and 20 to 25 cm.

The rare trees were replanted with “it rained in autumn that day, and it was very wet and cold after entering the mountain.

I’m very glad to see vitality in the tender buds of plants.” Gu Lihai is very pleased to see the repaved meadow.

But the mountain flowers were brilliant, and the leaves were all red, which was very beautiful.” Speaking of his first academic exploration in xiaohaituo mountain in October 2014, Zhang Zhixiang still has a fresh memory.

The track, architecture and nature are integrated and unified.

Here, the protection of mountain forests is as important as the construction of venues.

Zhang Zhixiang is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Forestry University.

“Feeling is a reward for everyone’s hard work.

The thickness of the soil layer on the mountain is inconsistent, ranging from deep to shallow.

Gu Lihai, a civil engineer in the Engineering Department of Beijing Beikong Jingao Construction Co., Ltd.

who has been working for 14 years, was also nervous and uneasy as soon as he got the drawings.

Zhang Zhixiang, professor and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Forestry University, “we had a very important decision at that time, that is, we transplanted the available trees as far as possible.

“Mountain forest venues, ecological Winter Olympics”.

Now, from stripping, preservation, repaving and maintenance, the total ecological restoration area of the meadow in the national alpine skiing center has reached 2400 square meters.

Yanqing Municipal People’s government entrusted Zhang Zhixiang and his team to carry out background investigation on the ecological environment and biodiversity of the whole Yanqing competition area, which are related to the sustainable utilization of the Winter Olympic Games.

This is a process of “solutions are always more difficult than difficulties”.

At xiaohaituo mountain, 2198 meters above sea level, the national alpine skiing center has seven winding snow trails with a maximum drop of nearly 900 meters.

Since then, Zhang Zhixiang and his Forestry University team have participated in the formulation of protection measures during the construction of Yanqing competition area, as well as species protection and environmental restoration in the later stage of construction.

The workers took the tray in pairs and carefully transferred it to the storage site.

There are rocks, meadows and woods along the way…

In October 2018, meadow stripping began.

It is one of the most difficult alpine skiing tracks in the world.

Afraid that the stripped meadow would “freeze” on the top of the mountain, Gu Lihai and his partners also thought of many ways: code the meadow layer by layer, plug the original topsoil between the gaps, then cover it with thick non-woven cloth and seal it with water, which is called “stacking”; Or stack the meadow yard in the bag and surround it with topsoil to reduce the damage of wind to water, which is called “pier belt”.

In May 2019, while the snow on the top of xiaohaituo mountain has not yet melted, the re paving of the meadow will be completed.

In his opinion, the protection of mountain forests and alpine meadows is very important to the national alpine skiing center; In view of the fact that alpine meadows all over the world are often distributed at an altitude of 3000-4000 meters, the low-altitude alpine meadows in xiaohaituo mountain are naturally scarce.

We’ve really tasted what it’s like to eat dry food with snow for lunch.” Zhang Zhixiang said that to do these things for the Winter Olympics, “there is a sense of pride.” According to the regulations, the site environmental assessment can be carried out only after the background survey has passed for one year.

One of the important works is the regression of plants.

“Mountain forests and meadows play a very important role.

One day in June, Gu Lihai was glad to see that new buds appeared in the back paved meadow.

A whole month.

From the foot of Mount Haituo at an altitude of 1800 meters to the peak at an altitude of 2198 meters, there are rare subalpine meadows all over the world.

Different from the artificial cultivation in the nursery, there is no ready-made transplantation scheme for wild trees in mountainous areas..

The track changes with the terrain.

The alpine ski starting platform is a subalpine meadow.

Zhao Yu, HVAC Engineer of the design department of Beijing Beikong Jingao Construction Co., Ltd., held the technical disclosure meeting of meadow stripping drawings in Yanqing competition area in June 2018.

Foot Mounted Anchor

Most mountain roads rely on walking.

A highlight of the design is the ecological restoration of subalpine meadow from stripping to paving.

There are still some things to avoid, we try not to cut or pull them out and keep them.” Zhang Zhixiang said that this is also in line with the IOC’s four basic principles for biodiversity protection, namely “avoidance”, “mitigation”, “Reconstruction” and “compensation”.

When the Olympic Games are held in winter, mountain forests are mainly used to prevent wind and dust; when reused in summer, mountain forests and meadows can prevent debris flow.” Zhao Yu, HVAC Engineer of the design department, said.

It’s really like holding a porcelain.” Gu Lihai looked back with a smile.

We all hold each other.

It is impossible to take the turf with a machine like the flat ground.

“Promise not to drop it.

The environment there is beautiful, but the ecological environment is also relatively fragile.

Finally, the whole process of meadow stripping, stacking and covering was completed before the snow season.

The road has not been opened.

The weight was heavy and loose, and the slope was steep.

In the past four years, Zhao Yu has broken two mountaineering bags on his back since he went to xiaohaituo mountain with the International Snow Union for the first time in August 2017 – going up and down the mountain every day, and the wear of the backpack has become a record of hard work.

“The most impressive thing is that the ditches here are all ice.

On the first day, the constructors walked for 3 or 4 hours.


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