[Art outside the inkstone] Chinese mortise and tenon architecture challenges the strongest earthquake in history! British documentary The

The bucket arch structure began to shake, and the whole model shook.

A simulation experiment was also carried out in the film: the staff loaded about 1 ton of stone on a wooden sled and tried to pull the sled, but the whole hockey team couldn’t move.

Surprised, Richard summed up the secret of the Forbidden City earthquake resistance in one word: flexibility.

Most of these huge stones were collected from the suburbs 60 kilometers away from the capital.

There are too many secrets hidden among the red walls and green tiles.

You should know that the intensity of the earthquake is equal to the power of 2 million tons of TNT explosive! At level 10.1, it is about to collapse! But after 30 seconds, it still stood there steadily, with only a slight displacement.

It is also hard to imagine how difficult it is to transport the stones needed for construction.

It is composed of arched and square wooden blocks.

The imperial road along the central axis of the Forbidden City is almost entirely paved with large pieces of white marble.

Even if there is an earthquake, it can consume the energy from the earthquake.

Richard was dumbfounded and repeatedly exclaimed: It’s perfect! The secret that the Forbidden City can survive the devastating earthquake of magnitude 10.1 is Dougong.

The construction method of mortise and tenon can make the wooden structures tightly buckled without a nail or a drop of glue, to the extent of “seamless”.

Even if it encounters strong vibration, it will only slightly move.

Richard, an expert from the Forbidden City and a foreign carpenter, witnessed the whole process and increased the intensity of the earthquake to 9.5.

However, the building structure composed of mortise and tenon and bucket arch is still “undamaged” after a brief shake.

At 3:42 a.m.

It can not only bear the gravity from the eaves, but also avoid the possibility of building collapse due to its loose structure.

Why? Recently, a British television station launched a series of Chinese documentaries, including the episode “The Secret of the Forbidden City”, which revealed the mystery of this great building and shocked all foreign audiences.

They built a model of the Forbidden City on a scale of 1:5 and conducted earthquake simulation experiments on it.

The ancient Chinese people used this method of “dry boat towing” as early as 600 years ago.

After timber was cut down in Sichuan, it went south along the Jinsha River and the Yangtze River, and then went north to Beijing through the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

on July 28, 1976, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Tangshan, Hebei Province.

In just 23 seconds, the whole city was razed to the ground.

Along the way, there are more than 20000 ships escorted by the army, carrying 420 million liters of grain each year, to supply migrant workers at the construction site of the Forbidden City.

The white marble steps in front of the Hall of Supreme Harmony weigh 300 tons of raw stone materials.

Its mystery makes countless Chinese people daydream, and even foreigners can’t help but want to explore the psychology.

How did these materials come from? The wood from the deep mountains of Sichuan alone is enough to make people nervous.

From the fourth year of Yongle, the Emperor Chengzu of the Ming Dynasty, to the eighteenth year of Yongle, a total of fourteen years.

In addition, the reason why the Forbidden City does not fall is that the columns are full of mystery.

When will they be completed by people pulling cars and pushing? According to historical records, at that time, tens of thousands of migrant workers were building roads and filling pits on both sides of the road for transporting stones.

In the cold winter months, when water drips into ice, draw water from the well and pour it into an ice channel, and then use the ice channel to transport the stones to the capital.

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After the Jiuzhaigou earthquake, the Forbidden City has also been put on the topic list.

From the initial magnitude 4, 4.5, and then “upgraded” to magnitude 5 earthquakes, each lasting 30 seconds.

The columns of general buildings are deeply embedded in the foundation, and will be directly broken in the event of a strong earthquake.

In this way, the whole building becomes very stable.

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Dig a well every one mile or so.

The wise Chinese even thought of using the power of water to help these giants “smuggle”.

The majestic Forbidden City was originally the Forbidden City of the imperial palace.

In order to solve the mystery, BTV made a special trip to Beijing and conducted an experiment under the guidance of experts from the Forbidden City.

For a time, the tranquil Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal often staged a spectacular scene of “floating big trees, blocking the water”.

Even Beijing, more than 150 kilometers away from the epicenter of the earthquake, was in a state of panic.

That is the wisdom left by our ancestors.

He sighed: It is this “soft with hard” feature that has created the miracle that the Forbidden City has stood still for 600 years, and this also well proves the genius of traditional Chinese architecture! The Forbidden City, as the most impressive palace in China, the greatest miracle in the Middle Ages, and the largest wooden building complex on the earth, is also numerous in quantity and type.

Then, after the strength of 7.5 was turned on, the wall was crumbling, unbearable and collapsed.

When they sprinkle some water on the bottom of the sled according to the historical data, the resistance of the sled immediately decreases a lot and becomes easy to push.

Place thick logs under the boulders, and the migrant workers drive mules and pull “dry boats” to move on the ice to transport large pieces of white marble.

The columns of the Forbidden City have a certain space for movement, which avoids the collapse of the whole building due to breaking.

In order to supply this huge construction site, a large number of special materials were transported from all parts of the country: more than 100000 nanmu, from the southwest 1800 kilometers away; The “golden bricks” for flooring come from the south more than 1000 kilometers away; 80 million stone slabs, each weighing 24 kg; The gold foil comes from Nanjing.

But the Forbidden City, which has experienced countless dangers, is still safe and quiet.

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake has caused great damage to Jiuzhaigou, but after 597 years, the Forbidden City, which has more than 200 earthquakes, can stand still and last forever.


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