Architecture | refuse to copy, Tianfu Bay · Xindao explores the evolutionary architectural face

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△ intention map of garden effect of phase III of Fudi Tianfu Bay phase III as an independent group of Fudi Tianfu Bay, the heart island of phase III is worthy of the beauty of the weather and terrain of the whole group from construction method, overall construction to detail material.

Even if it can be copied, the rare low density is the internal gene that is difficult to copy space, landscape and architecture.

Fudi Tianfu Bay is upgraded again and continues to make high-quality works.

(some house types) △ artistic conception map | source network invasion and deletion of Heart Island · appreciation of house types   Natural geographical location, architectural style of modern art and rare luxury and low density are the architectural faces explored by tianfuwan · Xindao.

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Relying on the main wind direction of Chengdu, the three-phase collective buildings are arranged and superimposed with vertical landscape separation to create a three-dimensional and multi-level air flow guidance to purify the air and make the air more circulating at the same time; Patch green island design reduces noise pollution and improves life enjoyment.

About 30% of the green space rate to achieve a larger green surface and complete the unity of architectural aesthetics and nature; 2t4 ladder house ratio, lengthening the indoor viewing area, making the vision more open and adding living comfort; The “1138” island style resort garden is designed to create eight landscape nodes of one belt, one ring road, three parks and create a vacation like feeling of returning home, so that the low density green will become an extension of home.

△ renderings of Fudi · tianfuwan phase III Xindao phase III adopts full cycle product area design: exquisite 77 ㎡ house type and generous 108 ㎡ house type, which meet the needs of sweet newlyweds, three generations living together and other families, and opens the era of high-end building construction.


Lifting Anchor

059 (2020) housing pre-sale Certificate No.

Production time: October 2021= Integrated marketing in the whole process: ABO Aowei Wenchuang =..

The entrance hall is integrated with the porch to create a private atmosphere at home; The wide balcony design makes the natural garden an ornament of living space; Dining and guest integration, spacious and comfortable rooms; The large bay window design in the bedroom makes the interior blend with nature.

The architecture I understand refers to the emergence of things that have not appeared in the world so far – Kizaki new makes architecture a reflection of values, so as to show the classic permanence and the taste of residents, which is the way of architectural construction adhered to by Fudi tianfuwan.

△ artistic conception map | comes from the network invasion and deletion of geographical location.


Tianfuwan · Xindao adopts enclosed layout design to effectively form community boundary, create a sense of domain and belonging, and create a safer living environment; The maximum distance between the atrium buildings is about 145 meters wide, which makes it easy for fresh air and fresh oxygen to enter the room.

107 (2021) housing pre-sale Certificate No.

Development enterprise: Fudi group, development company: Meishan Pengshan District Bolang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., pre-sale Certificate No.: (2019) housing pre-sale Certificate No.

Drawing inspiration from modern architectural design, emphasizing neat and clean lines and highlighting architectural quality, we will build a garden ecological residential area with a construction area of about 77-124 M2 with an artistic new Asian architectural style.

The project is located in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, belonging to Meishan Tianfu new area.

△ the natural geographical advantages of the renderings of Fudi · Tianfu Bay phase III bring a three-dimensional and unobstructed landscape vision, and expand the natural landscape resources of the park, which not only surpasses the landscape enjoyment of flat land, but also better than the sense of residence of ordinary high-rise buildings.

△ the aerial view of Fudi Tianfu Bay is now a big city.

131 (2021) housing pre-sale Certificate No.

The glory of phase III new garden ecological residential area is promoted here to open a holiday like Xindao life.

The first and second floors of the sales center belong to commerce, and the property right belongs to the developer.

About 547 mu of Qigu ecological city is built.

This advertisement is only for overall image publicity.

From a blueprint to brick by brick, tianfuwan Xindao will present a high-quality environment with a more transparent layout, more modern architectural style and more comprehensive living space.

Surrounded by excellent landscape, careful architectural layout and luxurious living space…

△ the effect map of Fudi Tianfu Bay phase III is about 21719 m2, with a total green area, which is the ecological core of the heart island in phase III.

20 years of architectural design experience and designers of China Resources Vientiane City, IFS financial center and other works are invited to carefully design in the benchmark square; It is constructed by the contractor of Fudi financial Island, Tianfu International Airport and territorial financial global center (Luban Award) – West China Enterprise (special grade of general contracting of Construction Engineering).


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