[architecture can be read] this landmark building in Lujiazui can “walk in the clouds”. Have you ever experienced it?

It was hot on October 18, 2008 The golden week has just ended, and the suspended sightseeing corridor project has officially started.

The transparent tempered glass layer of the suspended corridor of the Pearl Tower can resist the impact of 800kg and the static load of 3000kg.

In May 1988, East China Architectural Design Institute, Shanghai Civil Architectural Design Institute and the Design Institute of the Ministry of radio, film and television participated in the design scheme competition at the invitation of Shanghai radio and Television Bureau.

It is 17.1 times the world famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

In May 1, 1995, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower was launched and broadcast 5 sets of TV programs and 5 sets of FM broadcasting.

The all transparent hanging gallery is suspended in the outdoor glass corridor of the city, and daily attendance is photographed in the clouds.

It felt the world class magnificent grand realistic dome show.

The actual ground elevation of the main tower is 468 meters, which is second only to the Toronto TV Tower in Canada (553.3 meters) And ostankin TV Tower in Moscow, Russia (533.5 meters).

It is located in Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, adjacent to the Huangpu River.

It has highlighted the charm of culture.

The tower is 468 meters high.

The national standard stipulates that the load-bearing capacity of the standing glass per square meter must be greater than 300kg.

Note: the public should take the original identity card and show the “Shen Shen code” + “communication travel card”.

In a report, the Shanghai municipal Broadcasting Bureau combed the basic situation of Shanghai’s Radio and television and the details of the existing TV Tower, and put forward the idea of building a new TV Tower for the first time.

In the sixth and Seventh Five Year Plan for the development of Shanghai’s Radio and television industry and the assumption for the next ten years, it is clearly proposed to “build a 400 meter TV FM transmission tower during the Seventh Five Year Plan” and “the site is preliminarily considered to be in or near Lujiazui Pudong Park” On March 25, 1984, in the work report of the municipal government made at the second session of the eighth Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, it was officially proposed that a new TV transmission tower will be built in Shanghai.

The completion of the suspended sightseeing corridor is an innovation It has increased the area of 415 square meters for the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which is almost 50% of the original 259 meters sightseeing area.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is the first AAAAA scenic spot in the country.

Every night at 7:00, 8:00, and three, the majority of the public and tourists can pass the “Oriental Pearl”.

In the distance, it looks like two huge ruby balls, glittering and dazzling.

The official booking of WeChat official account is to make an appointment: the public can pay attention to the WeChat official account of the Oriental Pearl, and make an appointment for tickets, and get the “booking code”.

The museum has a total of six floors and an area of 6316 square meters.

The museum’s collections are mainly Buddhist statues, jade, pottery and blue and white porcelain, which are displayed in two parts: permanent exhibition and special exhibition.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is one of the landmark cultural landscapes in Shanghai.

It has condensed the essence of this period in wax, typical scenes and multimedia.

It was listed as one of the ten new scenic spots in Shanghai in 1995.

Shanghai marine aquarium The ocean aquarium displays more than 450 species, more than 12000 rare fish and endangered rare creatures from five continents and four oceans.

The 351m space capsule takes the “time machine” Connect with the capsule, take the lead in experiencing the magic charm of the science fiction blade.

After repeated soliciting experts’ opinions and previewing many times, it decided to choose the “Oriental Pearl” program of East China Architectural Design Institute.

The total weight of the tower is 120 thousand tons.

In December 14, 1993, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

“Reservation pass code” There are punch in points around the Shanghai sea, the riverside coastline on the east bank, 22km from Pudong’s Riverside coastline, and a Wangjiang post within 1km.

You can also have a bird’s eye view of the whole city at the highest point of the tower.

It is originally an outdoor platform for viewing light, so it is more appropriate to be a suspended sightseeing project.

  How did the suspended sightseeing corridor become fully transparent? With the completion of the Jinmao Tower and the global financial center, the management of the Pearl Tower decided to take the initiative to start a second business and actively develop new projects.

When completed, it ranks first in Asia and the third highest tower in the world.

The poly Shanghai dome projection show is located in the 0 meter Hall of Shanghai poly world dome projection show.

Address: 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, opening hours: 09:00-18:00   Admission price: 155.

The 350 meter three-dimensional structure of the tower was capped, and the construction period was only 27 months, 105 days ahead of the original plan; at 12:12 on May 1, 1994, the world’s first transmitting antenna steel mast, 110 meters long and 450 tons, was successfully installed after 11 days of slow climbing.

In September 1988, three design institutes were established The Institute put forward 12 plans to the radio and Television Bureau.

Open information opening hours: 9:00-21:00 tickets: public visitors can pass the “Oriental Pearl”.

It contains more than 1000 collections and hundreds of wax figures, reflecting the historical changes of Shanghai’s liberation from the end of the Yuan Dynasty to the beginning of 1949.

Shanghai At the same time, you can have a 360 ° all-round view of the fashion style of the magic city, watch the wonders of three buildings more than 420 meters high side by side, and personally experience the heroic feeling of “being at the top, looking at the mountains and small” and “going to the sea” Standing on the mobile walkway, the audience of Huandong multimedia show shuttles through the fantastic space surrounded by images, appreciates the future smart housing, ecological landscape, three-dimensional and efficient transportation, harmonious nature and cultural vitality in Shanghai, and appreciates the infinite charm brought by intelligent technology.

Two layers of DuPont glue are added between the transparent tempered glass of the suspended corridor of the Pearl Tower to increase the safety factor.

In the interactive experience area, the audience can understand the future of big data, Internet, intelligent hardware and other technologies And other aspects of life.

The tickets are added to the tower with the ticket plus “Shen code” + “the reservation code”.

After the transformation, tourist city daily attendance card museum is commonly known as “the old Shanghai wax museum” in Shanghai.

The 259M sightseeing floor is more feasible.

There are a red theme education base through time and space, an experience point for red products on the Expo website, a public cultural space for rest and reading, an experience space for telling financial development stories, and a tea and rest place combined with drinks and bookstores.

The official WeChat made an appointment in advance, and enjoyed the scene of the high-tech giant screen with the total projection area of 2200 inches through 30 HD HD lumen projectors.

Reservation method: public comment app Sinian Museum Sinian museum is the first private art museum in Lujiazui, Shanghai.

Magnet Recess Former

It looks across the river from the Bund to the Bund.

In November 18, 1994, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower was officially opened to the outside world.

The 263m subjective light layer looks at both sides of the Pujiang River, has a full view of the modern urban style of Lujiazui and the world architecture with different styles of the Bund, and has a deep understanding of the vicissitudes and rich cultural heritage of Shanghai.

A special paleontology research center is set up to make full use of it While showing the achievements of ancient Chinese culture and art, the collection is analyzed and studied from the perspective of paleontology, and the rich cultural connotation of historical relics is revealed to the audience from multiple angles and sides..

The aquarium also has one of the longest submarine tunnels in the world, 155 meters long, giving visitors a sense of immersive experience.

Subsequently, it was reported in November 17th of the same year.

The Oriental Pearl was built in August 25, 1983.

At this point, the first phase of the project was completed and put into operation.

It is made up of 11 different sizes, high and low balls scattered from the blue sky to the green grass.


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