What types of work are there in the construction industry? The Ministry of housing and urban rural development is divided into 184

The names of the listed types of work include the names of the old standards, new standards, standards in preparation, occupational classification canon and relevant regulations.

occupation (type of work) name code 1 masonry worker (construction bricklayer, bricklayer) 0102 kiln builder 0113 steel worker 0204 scaffolder 0305 attached lifting scaffold installer 0316 high place operation basket operator 0327 high place operation basket installer 0338 concrete worker 0409 concrete mixer 04110 concrete pouring worker 04211 concrete mold worker 04312 formwork worker (concrete formwork worker) 05013 mechanical equipment installer 06014 ventilator 07015 installation crane worker (rigger, crane handling machinery operator) 08016 installation fitter 09017 electrical equipment installation and commissioning worker 10018 Plumber (plumber) 11019 substation installer 12020 construction electrician 13021 weak electrician 13122 pump driver 14023 excavation, shovel and piling machinery driver 15024 bulldozer driver (bulldozer driver) 15125 excavator driver (earthwork excavator driver) 15226 piling worker (piling driver) 15327 pile driver operator 16028 hoisting signalman (hoisting signalman) 17029 building hoisting machinery installation and disassembly worker 18030 decoration worker 19031 plasterer 19132 painter 19233 inlayer 19334 coating worker 19435 decoration carpenter 19536 interior decoration designer 19637 indoor complete facilities installer 20038 building door and window curtain wall installer 21039 curtain wall installer (building curtain wall installer) 21140 building door and window installer 21241 curtain wall maker 22042 waterproof worker 23043 carpenter 24044 manual carpenter 24145 fine carpenter 2424246 stonework (stonework) 25047 electric welder (welder) 27048 blaster 28049 dust remover 29050 surveying and setting out worker (surveyor and engineering surveyor) 30051 quality inspector 30552 line erector 31053 traditional stonework of ancient buildings (stone Carver and anvil craftsman) 32054 traditional bricklayer of ancient buildings (anvil Carver, flower street builder, clay plastic worker and ancient building bricklayer) 33055 traditional color painter of ancient buildings (color painter) 34056 traditional carpenter of ancient buildings (wood carver and plaque worker) 35057 traditional oiler of ancient buildings (polishing painter and ancient building paint) 36058 metal worker 38059 plumber 40162 asphalt concrete pusher operator   40463 asphalt worker 40564 furnace builder 40665 engineering machinery repairman 40766 road patrol maintenance worker (road maintenance worker) 40867 bridge and tunnel patrol maintenance worker 40968 small and medium-sized machinery operators   41069 pipe culvert jacking worker 41170 shield machine operator 41271 road builder 41372 bridge and tunnel worker 41473 urban pipeline installer 41574 lifting driver (including tower, gantry, bridge and other crane drivers) 41676 tester 41877 central air conditioning system operation operator 41978 intelligent building manager 42079 elevator installation and maintenance worker 42180 building model maker 42281 catenary worker 42382 property manager 42483 real estate agent 42584 Real Estate Planner 42685 sculpture translator 42786 driller 42887 descriptor 42988 geotechnical tester 43089 building external wall insulation installer 43190 instrument installation and commissioning worker 43291 Commissioning, installation and commissioning worker 43392 installation riveter 43493 fire installer 43594 anti-corrosion and thermal insulation worker 43695 component assembler 43796 component maker 43897 embedded worker 43998 grouting worker 44099 green chemical (garden green chemical) 501100 Florist (flower gardener) 502101 garden plant protection worker 503102 bonsai worker 504103 seedling raising worker 505104 exhibition animal keeper (ornamental animal keeper) 506105 rockery worker 507106 floral environment designer 508107 cleaner 601108 motorized sweeper (road sweeper) 602109 garbage removal worker 603110 garbage disposal worker 604111 sanitation garbage transportation loader 605112 sanitation motor vehicle repairman 606113 sanitation laboratory worker 607114 sanitation public toilet management cleaner 608115 sanitation ship engineer 609116 sanitation motor vehicle driver 610117 LPG tank worker 701118 LPG mechanical repairman   702119 LPG cylinder repairman     703120 LPG depot station operator     704121 LPG tank farm operator     705122 gas pressure vessel welder 706123 gas transporter 707124 gas plumber 708125 gas appliance repairer 709126 gas purification chemical 710127 gas laboratory worker 711128 gas pressure regulator 712129 gas meter fitter 713130 gas appliance installation and maintenance worker 714131 gas supply Attendant / gas supply marketer 715132 pipeline gas customer service worker 716133 bottled gas customer service worker 717134 gas storage and transportation worker 718135 liquefied natural gas Natural gas storage and transportation worker 719136 gas pipe network operator 720137 gas user installation and maintenance worker 721138 compressed natural gas station operator 722139 gas transmission and distribution station operator 723140 coal blending worker 724141 coke oven thermostat worker 725142 coking gas furnace worker 726143 thermal stoker worker 727144 thermal operator 728145 coke oven maintenance worker 729146 mechanical gas generator worker 730147 coke car driver 731148 belt conveyor worker 732149 Condensing blower 733150 water gas boiler 734151 domestic coal supply 735152 coal to gas 736153 heavy oil to gas (oil to gas)      737154 boiler operator 738155 heating pipe network system operator 739156 heating pipe network operator 740157 heating production dispatcher 741158 heating station operator 742159 relay pump station operator 743160 power transformation and distribution operator 801161 pump station electromechanical equipment maintenance worker 802162 water production and treatment worker 803163 tap water production worker 804164 water quality inspector 805165 well worker 806166 water supply dispatcher 807167 water supply plumber 808168 Water supply pump station operator 809169 water supply marketer 810170 water supply instrument worker 811171 water supply inspector 812172 water supply customer waiter 813173 water supply equipment maintenance fitter 814174 water meter fitter 815175 drainage plumber 816176 drainage inspector 817177 drainage dispatcher 81818178 drainage pump station operator 819179 drainage customer waiter 820180 drainage instrument worker 821181 urban sewage treatment worker (sewage treatment worker) 822182 drainage test and detection worker 823183 sludge treatment worker 824184 termite control worker 901 note: 1.

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According to the catalogue of occupational types of work in housing and urban rural construction industry issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the construction engineering industry has the following 184 types of work: Catalogue of types of work in housing and urban rural construction industry No.


The names of the types of work are mainly based on the occupational skill standards..


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