Architecture ↘ A moment of relaxation: Guo Degang’s crosstalk “Dou Gongxun girl” by Yu Qian, the whole audience was very happy!

The color vermiculite steel tile is right for the villa roof.

Inject more vitality into the building —————————————————————————– click the picture for more cases ↓ ❤ Immediately consult the renovation of old buildings.

Please dial 13910081984 to select color vermiculite steel tiles for the roof of retro buildings! Color vermiculite steel tile is right for roof renovation“ Zinc “house debut, love you no discussion! Unique “zinc” roof highlights of East Taihang scenic spot ~ spaceship restaurant with titanium zinc plate roof unique “zinc” roof noble and elegant copper roof intriguing copper curtain wall charming shape of copper plate curtain wall roof preferred asphalt aluminum tile wooden house villa preferred color vermiculite steel tile color vermiculite steel tile – adding bricks and tiles to high-speed construction – Taishitun color vermiculite steel tile – adding bricks and tiles to high-speed construction A new favorite of brick and tile roofing materials – aluminum magnesium manganese roofing system.

It adds a kind of visual beauty and is stunned! My tile “zinc” dynamic encounter!   Noble and elegant, you deserve to have “colored vermiculite steel tile”, which makes you love it! Missed millions…

Bolt Anchor

It turned out that it was right to change flat to slope! Sanmei building ↓ Beijing nongguangli community flat to sloping roof project Sanmei building ↓ Beijing Saite Aolai building 12 renovation project Sanmei building ↓ Gaobeidian Vanke mileage light · Lanju sales center metal curtain wall project Sanmei building ↓ Beijing International Drama Center metal roof project Sanmei building ↓ Erqi plant science and innovation city creative park old building renovation project Sanmei building ↓ Qinglong Metal roof project of Sales Office of Lake Vanke Real Estate ↓ metal roof project of villas around the capital economic circle in Yanjiao, Hebei ↓ metal roof project of Hongshan site museum in Wuxi ↓ titanium zinc plate roof project of erling mountain hot spring resort in Ningbo, Zhejiang ↓ curtain wall project of feicuishanxiao Club of Vanke..


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