[architecturalist] this is a heroic article, which tells us the spirit of 5000 years!

This is “being poor means being alone”.

It is inseparable from this profound understanding that the Chinese nation has been able to unite firmly and maintain the vitality and vitality of a great nation after thousands of years of tests and changes in rise and fall.

He insisted on reading and thinking, and constantly cultivated himself.

Strong national strength is the foundation.

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This is the ideal of Chinese culture.

Iron can be broken, jade can be broken, and the sea can wither.

Chinese ambition: walk towards the Tao.

The Xiongnu leader coerced him to surrender, first lured him, failed, and then punished him to shepherd in an extremely difficult and remote place to cut off his food source.

The Tao is where thousands of people go—— Mencius Gongsun Chou Shang: the belief may be invisible and untouchable, or it may be full of infinite obstacles, and even some people can’t get it all their life.

With his persistence in poverty all his life, Zhuang Zhou finally turned himself into a spiritual source of Chinese scholars and found a possible way for more people to get rid of the vulgarity of life.

Cast in Sockets

Confucianism pays attention to self-cultivation, governing the country and the world.

“Constantly striving for self-improvement and valuing morality and carrying things” incisively summarizes the profound understanding and coping methods of Chinese culture on man and nature, man and society, and man and man.

Chinese style: only great heroes can be true.

It is true celebrities who are romantic.” the so-called great heroes are true and plain.

However, when there are still disputes over interests and ideas among countries, and mankind is not a modest gentleman, although literature can turn people into human beings, protection is still needed.

Architectural communication media ID: jianzhong001 the vicissitudes of thousands of years, from ancient times to today, countless sages, celebrities and heroes have left many bold words and heartfelt words, especially these 10 words, which can best represent the Chinese spirit and the spiritual lifeline of the Chinese people.

To realize individual survival and development, and then realize individual value to society.

True courage is not fighting bravely, but standing on the side of the truth.

This is “reaching the goal and helping the world”.

Although it is far away, the premise of being punished is to be committed, which belongs to self-defense and counterattack.

Later, Liu Bei asked him to go out of the mountain and work hard.

Chinese integrity: it is better to bend than bend.

Chinese character: for a big husband, wealth can’t be sexual, poverty can’t be moved, and power can’t be subdued.

This value orientation must lead to indifference and alignment with interests.

No matter how poor you are, life or death, straight Festival runs through different roads—— Water tune singing head the backbone of a person is the bone of the soul and the thing in his bones.

Therefore, most of the expeditions of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty were famous.

Chinese character: law depends on heaven and earth, and heaven is healthy, and a gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement; The terrain is fertile, and a gentleman carries things with great virtue—— The book of changes a moral man should be as thick and broad as the earth, carrying all things and growing knives.

Whether a person can resist all kinds of temptations and threats can be seen whether he has a firm will.

They have been popular throughout the ages and are the highest pursuit of the Chinese people who embrace the ideal of entering the WTO and helping the world.

Chinese spirit: if a man offends me, he who offends a strong man will be punished even if he is far away—— Hanshu · biography of Chen Tang when the Han Dynasty was strong and prosperous, “those who commit a strong Han will be punished even if they are far away” was indeed a fact of practice.

He did his best to help Liu Bei “divide the world” and manage Shu in an orderly manner.

Therefore, people should observe everything from nature and experience life in infinite time and space.

If you are poor, you will be alone, and if you reach, you will help the world—— Mencius with all his heart Zhuge Liang lived in seclusion in Nanyang and worked in Longmu before leaving the mountain.

Our pursuit of money and other material aspects has reached an uncontrollable level.

Wang Bo once had the heroic words of “being poor and strong, not falling into the ambition of the green clouds”.

This is called a big husband—— Mencius Teng Wengong Xia Su Wu of the Western Han Dynasty was ordered to send an envoy to the Xiongnu.

China’s ideal: to set up a mind for heaven and earth, to set up a life for the people, to inherit unique knowledge, and to open peace for all ages—— These four famous words of Zhang Hengqu are called “four sentences of Hengqu” by Feng Youlan.

It is first a temperament, a personality, and then a nobility in the depths of personality.

Chinese height: Heaven and man are one, heaven and earth are born with me, and all things are one with me—— Zhuangzi Qi Wu Lun human existence is closely related to the operation of nature.

Chinese bearing: admire the world, accept all rivers, have capacity; If you stand on a thousand ridges, you will be strong without desire—— Lin Zexu’s book of history, Jun Chen, said: “tolerance, virtue is great.” people’s virtue should be broad and have a broad mind like the sea.

Su Wu remained unmoved.

But such “Tao” is worth pursuing with blood, tears and life, because it is the fulcrum of spirit and an indispensable stroke of the word “man”.

He was imprisoned in the Huns for 19 years and finally returned to the Han Dynasty.

Only those who have a firm will can move forward towards their goals without hesitation.

“Only great heroes can be true.

This is the truth of “returning to simplicity”.

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Zhuge Liang also had the aphorism of “being indifferent to his ambition, being quiet and reaching far”.

Chuang Tzu advocated breaking the “self attachment” and conforming to nature, which has extremely important reference value and significance for today’s era of too fast pace of life.

Chao of the Song Dynasty said, “only those who have virtue can convince people with leniency.” with a broad mind and tolerance that embraces all rivers, they can tolerate difficult things in the world, people and themselves.

People who really have a high degree of cultivation are plain.

As long as morality lies, even in the face of power and violence, even if tens of millions of people obstruct, oppose and don’t understand, they will never be discouraged and change their aspirations.

The change of all things is only a phenomenon of nature.

Chinese Ethics: if you are poor, you will not fall.

They are true celebrities—— What is the true color of CAI Gen tan? Nature is ordinary and duty; What is romantic? Romantic is bold, unrestrained, free and easy and natural.


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