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– Hou Bingyang Li Kuang architectural design – Hou Bingyang Li Kuang Zhang Yitian laughing minister Gong Shaofei, Han Fei, Shi Yi, Zhang Zhe, Zhang Kaiwen structural design – he Xiaogang, Wang Jun, Duan Yanhui, Zhang Tao, Zhao Wei    Water supply and drainage discipline – Luo Xinyu, Gao Teng, Zhang Yi, HVAC discipline – Mi Zhong, Wang Xiaofang, Liu Xiaowen, Liang Xuemei, strong current discipline – Yang Li, he Hongwu, Zhang Xiaohui, Zhong Xin   Landscape design – Wang Xinming, Liu Xiaoyi, Zhou Yi, Lin Xianglin 04 conclusion ▲ semi aerial view the construction of the project will rely on the construction of Yanta District administrative, economic and cultural center, combined with the overall development strategy of “one district, five cities and one foundation” of Yanta District, focus on accelerating the construction of comprehensive innovation led by scientific and technological innovation, focus on the construction of innovation city and high-energy City, and give full play to the resource advantages of colleges and universities, Vigorously promote the collaborative innovation between government, schools and enterprises, accelerate the formation of a new pattern of school land integrated development, and commit to carry out multi-level, all-round and multi-form cooperation to implement integrated development.

Taking the Chinese traditional courtyard space as the architectural combination space to form a plane form; Take the flying line language as the skyline of the architectural group to form the facade form.

Focusing on the construction of scientific and technological innovation and the high-quality development of scientific and technological R & D, we will expand opening-up, deepen the integration of scientific and technological R & D and scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the driving of scientific and technological innovation, the penetration of problem orientation and the escort of risk management and control, and refine, stabilize and implement the scientific research and innovation industry.

Due to the inclination of the road in the south, the plot is a trapezoid close to a square, about 264 meters long from north to South and 268 meters long from east to west, with a total construction land area of 64180 square meters.

In order to facilitate use, most buildings are connected with each other by corridors.

Yanta District is named after the famous world cultural heritage – Wild Goose Pagoda.

On the near human scale, the “Dou Gong” in Chinese traditional architecture is echoed through modern and concise architectural design techniques, so that the architecture has details.

In the overall facade design, simple vertical lines are mainly used to highlight the straightness of the building, and the hierarchy is formed through the changes of lines in the facade in all directions.

Foot Eye Anchor

▲ Xi’an Yanta District Science and technology innovation research center, yantadistrict, xi’an01 project overview project survey ▲ human view the EPC project of Xi’an Yanta District Science and technology innovation research center is located in the east of Yannan Park, Yanta District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province.

  ▲ semi aerial view 02 design concept   Concept ▲ half aerial view Xi’an is a famous historical and cultural city in China.

▲ urban living room 03 project information project location – building type – office building area in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province – 64180 ㎡ building area – 287260 ㎡ design time – 2021 design unit – cooperative unit of Tsinghua University architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd  | Project leader of Shaanxi Construction Engineering First Construction Group Co., Ltd.

▲ design concept: the overall building complex is high in the South and low in the north.

While realizing the rapid economic development, the city image and enterprise office environment conditions are improved, and the harmonious development of society is realized.

At the same time, Yanta District has been ranked among the top 20 of the top 100 districts in China and the first in the central and western regions for many years.

▲ one of the design highlights of the block generation project is the 3000 square meter air city living room, where you can overlook the 1700 Mu Yannan Park and the nearly 500 km north-south boundary mountain in China – Qinling; Here, we can provide scientific and technological innovation groups with places for books, communication and fitness, and provide urban citizens with scientific, technological, cultural and shared space.

The main functions include scientific and creative services, conference services, exhibition services, commercial services and other service sectors.

The overall height of the building is controlled within 100m.

▲ aerial view the core orientation of Xi’an Yanta District Science and technology innovation center is to build a science and innovation center integrating office, exhibition and other related supporting facilities.

This design takes “the head geese take off” as the main design concept, and abstractly expresses the overall posture formed in the flight of geese in the image of group architecture.

The planned land covers Xifeng 1st Road in the north, Ziwu Avenue in the West and Xifeng 3rd road in the south.

Finally, I wish: the head goose leads first, and the Chinese dream comes true! Write|   Editor of Xi’an Branch of architectural whole process design institute|   Copyright of planning department|   Thad Tsinghua University architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

The sunshine of the surrounding residential buildings is fully considered and integrated with the surrounding urban landform.


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