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Nanjing Architectural roaming map (drawn by the editor) 01 Jinling Dabaoen Temple Ruins Park and supporting construction design: Architectural Design and Research Institute of Southeast University, 2016 coordinates: Dabaoen temple ruins scenic spot, No.

The prominent roof anchors a series of volumes on the ground, which looks as if floating between the sky and the horizon.

It connects the buildings around the central business district, the Youth Olympic Village, Riverside Park and Jiangxinzhou with smooth lines, presenting a continuous, open and dynamic background scroll of the Youth Olympic Games.

The way architects control spatial elements is based on people’s memory and experience of some specific places, so that abstract images can stimulate the emotions of the audience.

The superposition of the indoor and outdoor space of the site museum and the original Temple site is one of the most important starting points of architectural creation.

This article focuses on new projects completed in the last five years, including the restoration and reconstruction of historical buildings or landscapes, as well as new creations inspired by architects at home and abroad.

03 design of Nanjing Hyatt Zhenxuan Hotel: Buzz Zhuang Ziyu studio, 2020 coordinate: No.

As an extension of the urban landscape, the scheme fully landscapes the 8m deep foundation pit left by the original construction on the east side, so as to respond to the landscape nodes around the project.

In the eight pentagonal office R & D buildings, the concept of “strong spotlight” is further enlarged, forming a corresponding relationship with the large-scale internal courtyard and the landscaped roof.

“Artificial”, “natural” and “panorama” are the design concepts of the art museum.

The generation of the concept is related to the special site selection of the project – “high altitude Art Museum” 200 meters above the ground.

38 Andemen street, Yuhuatai District Photography: Yes, architectural photography click on the picture to understand the details of the project.

04 design of Nanjing International Youth Culture Center: Zaha Hadid architectural firm, 2018 coordinate: No.

The new design also reserves sufficient possibilities for continued Archaeology in the future.

The central area of the base is composed of some slope top huts scattered on the green carpet, showing a small village environment, providing a pleasant space for large-scale urban projects..

The project is composed of “new tower for gratitude” (ancient tower base and Underground Palace site protection building), main exhibition hall of the museum, stele Pavilion, outdoor site protection and exhibition and relevant supporting service facilities.

06 design of Nanjing zhengdaxi Malaya Center: mad, about to be completed coordinates: No.

02 Jinying Art Museum Design: XuKe architecture, 2020 coordinate: Jinying world 52F, Jianye District Photography: Zhang Xu Photography: Li Ang Photography: Zhang Xu click on the picture to learn about the project details.

The main building on the west side of the urban trunk road has the functions of reception, business, catering and guest rooms, and is also the image interface facing the city; The north and south buildings are guest rooms, with good landscape and daylighting conditions; Surrounded by the building in the middle is the hotel public function space represented by the Zen hall and the landscape courtyard with multiple elevations.

I invite you to read the new stories in the ancient city.

The project base consists of six plots, two of which are connected by a three-dimensional city square.

  In the spatial dimension, the multi-level historical information of temple sites is presented in a three-dimensional spatial organization to reproduce the general pattern of site environment; The fragmented and scattered ancient temple sites are protected, connected and presented as a whole; Drive related cultural display, academic exchange, community activities and other related functions.

Corridors and walkways of different scales are interspersed in several rolling commercial complexes, leading people to walk from busy ground streets to three-dimensional parks and between buildings and landscapes.

In addition to having many ancient buildings to enjoy, Nanjing also has many choices in the development of modern and contemporary architecture.

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In terms of time dimension, create place characteristics with historical and cultural charm by new technical means.

The total construction area of the project is about 560000 square meters.

The undulating landscape around the building also leaves space for cafes and shops, which are organized organically like the branches of trees.

Based on the response to the “east city and west forest” environment around the base, the scheme is “moving East and quiet West” as a whole, presenting a semi enclosed layout opened from east to west.

The original structure painted black strengthens the spatial characteristics in different areas: the columns outside the open exhibition hall emphasize the verticality of the space; This vertical space is connected with the square through the depressed space similar to the porch, and the array columns in the square emphasize the horizontal sense of the site, cooperate with the concealment and presentation of entities and “emptiness” to make the space obtain depth.

This landmark building includes two towers with a total area of 258500 square meters, a 106500 square meter Conference Center, a 100000 square meter basement area, a public square and a pedestrian bridge.

It has a superior geographical location extending in all directions, connecting the urban business center and the natural landscape.

1, Yuhua Road, Zhonghua Gate, Qinhuai District © Fang Fei Photography: Chen Hao click the picture to understand the details of the project.

The art museum is composed of interconnected and connected space groups, including large or small white boxes, black boxes and “as found” space.

The steel frame composed of octagonal tower body and square “bowl covering” tower bottom crosses over the ruins, transmits the upper load to the prestressed ground beam, and expands the indoor space on the first floor of the new tower.

As the center of high-tech innovation practice in Nanjing and an ecological destination serving citizens and tourists, xinweiyi science and Technology Park provides a series of multi-purpose spaces, including office buildings, cultural venues and public corridors as incubators for science, technology and environmental protection companies.

The development and use of new materials make the architectural form and style shuttle between the historical entity and artistic conception.

The scale and form of the R & D building refer to the local ancient Chinese buildings.

“A beautiful place in the south of the Yangtze River, the imperial state of Jinling”, written by Xie Tiao, a poet of Xiao Qi, describes the difference between Nanjing and other cities in the south of the Yangtze River – it is not as delicate and delicate as Suzhou and Hangzhou.

8, Yecheng Road, Jianye District Photography: hufton + crow Nanjing International Youth Culture Center is located at the junction of Nanjing urban central axis and the Bank of the Yangtze River.

Mad tries to practice an ideal “landscape city” through this urban scale work.

No matter from which direction, the natural landscape is always suitable.

Nanjing reveals a magnificent historical atmosphere.

The exhibition center left a deep first impression on the visitors on the island with its unique roof outline.

Jinling Dabaoen Temple Ruins Park and supporting construction project are major cultural facilities built to protect and display the ruins of Dabaoen temple, a royal temple in the Ming Dynasty.

The pleasant space provides a cordial and friendly experience for local residents and tourists.

Nanjing zhengdaxi Malaya center designed by mad architecture firm has entered the third stage, the last stage, and is expected to be completed soon.

05 Nanjing ecological technology island xinweiyi Technology Park Design: NBBJ, 2020 coordinates: Linyin Road, Jianye District, Singapore · south side of Nanjing ecological technology Island Photography: Shaofeng Photography: Paul Dingman Photography: Zhang Qianxi Photography: Paul Dingman Nanjing Science and technology ecological island is located on the Bank of the Yangtze River and across the bridge from the new central business district.

It is located in Nanjing with a 2600 year history.

3 Minzhi Road, Yuhuatai District Photography: creatimages click the picture to understand the details of the project.

The eight “peaks” on the roof symbolize the nearby Zhongshan and stone mountains, and each has a window conceived as a “powerful spotlight”, which can introduce natural light into the open floor.

In terms of specific strategies, the scheme treats the original foundation pit as a three-story platform through the softened form, which not only eliminates the huge height difference in the site, but also creates a picturesque and gradually spreading landscape level.

The ground of the art museum adopts gray concrete floor, which makes it present a solid but uncertain state.

Jinying art museum is located on the 52nd floor, Jinying world, a landmark building in Jianye District, Nanjing.


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