Mountain campus design: create a diverse experience and learning space from the aspects of architectural color, texture, facade composition,

Looking back, those years bear too many beautiful memories of childhood, and the campus is the most important carrier of our childhood memories.

The E-shaped layout of the “courtyard” building forms a multi-level courtyard void.

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The architectural form of “mountain” takes the intention of “mountain”, and echoes with the surrounding mountain landscape through the form of partial sloping roof, forming a unique campus intention.

Learning, activities, exchanges and other activities are staged in the changing courtyard space.

At the same time, it constructs a curious world with the architectural language, shapes the changeable site sense and possible type, forms the interesting and changeable activity space, and opens the window for children to discover the future and explore the future.

The inner courtyard of the “Tong” teaching building and the sports activity area are accessible to each other through the overhead floor, forming a close connection and increasing the accessibility and interactivity of each section of the school.

Design system A good campus space design needs to start from the nature of students and the nature of education, and protect the original power of students.

02 The Overall Design “Multi” project conforms to the terrain, uses the site elevation difference, sets up the kindergarten and primary school in different zones, and ensures the independent zoning.

Project Information Project Name: Zhonghai Yingshan Lake Urban Complex Supporting Education Project Project Location: Guanshan Lake District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province Land area: 47038.54 ㎡ Total construction area: 15125.38 ㎡ Service scope: Whole process design client: Guiyang Zhonghai Real Estate Co., Ltd.

This article is a technical analysis of architectural design, only for appreciation and learning.

This project aims to create a variety of experiential learning under the background of promoting the transformation of education methods and learning space Learning space, providing children with high-quality learning and living places.

When we were young, we had no mobile phones, no internet, and only children next door, but we didn’t feel lonely in those years.

On the basis of meeting the basic functions, the overall design of the project will create a diverse experience and learning space, stimulate students’ creativity and thirst for knowledge, encourage interaction and exchange, create a new type of educational space in line with the new educational concept, and create a high-quality learning and living place that combines education with pleasure and diversity.

The changing interest space runs through kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, avoiding the monotonous definition and division of students’ activity space and time, and increasing many opportunities for mutual exchange and communication, as well as the accessibility and interactivity of various parts of the school.

Client team: Han Feng, Yang Fang, Yao Lin Lin, Wang Yongjin Lei Lihua’s architectural design: the main designer of Guiyang Branch of the benchmark party: Li Yang’s schematic design: Li Xingyi, Li Kerui, Tian Xiong, Zhang Xiaohua’s construction drawing design: architecture: Gong Wei, Wang Xiaoxuan, Gu Sha’s structure: Shao Dan, Lang Lin, Yang Shengwen’s water supply and drainage: Yang Yang, Nie Fangzhou’s electricity and gas: Zhao Qingjiang, Tian Yimin’s heating and ventilation: Zheng Juan, Sun Fubin’s interior design: matrix Mingcui, matrix landscape design: Ni Huaxi, Zhang Xiaoxuan, Gao Kefeng Project photography of Bai Wenjie and Wu Lijun: Shi Xiang Wanhe Design time: April 2020 More boutique campus buildings ▼ Click to pay attention to this data statement: 1.

The traditional central corridor of the “corridor” is the main traffic body, with a rigid streamline.

Spherical Head Anchor

The past years have gone by in a hurry.


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On June 30, 2022, the project won the third prize of “2022 Guizhou Excellent Architectural Design Award” after being selected by Guizhou Engineering Survey and Design Association.

It is also our design purpose to let children experience happy growth in a space field rich in cultural and educational connotation and design aesthetics.

School design is not simply to build movable space, but to create a variety of spaces that can adapt to special learning requirements, and provide students with a safe and healthy environment.

It is designed to transform the walking of pure traffic into the walking experience of communication and interaction.

The spacious corridor can be used as an informal learning space to accommodate different courses and activities.

The “leakage” design introduces the natural “wind, light and rain” from the outside into the interior through the facade grille, so that teachers and students can feel the “return” to the natural campus life and re-establish a healthy relationship with nature.

The school is a place to protect students’ physical and mental health development, and also an ideal paradise to fully release their nature.

The design aims to build a multi-dimensional, three-dimensional and comprehensive space, starting from the aspects of architectural color, material texture, facade composition, space modeling, abstract elements, etc., to enhance children’s infinite imagination and perception of the environment, release children’s nature and wildness from the creation of space atmosphere, encourage exploration and interaction, focus on training and cultivation.

The teaching environment has also changed from the traditional indoor communication to the interactive space of indoor and outdoor alternation.

▲ More boutiques, Focus on the design and practice of “campus architecture” mountain education architecture in Guiyang Zhonghai Yingshan Lake Urban Complex Supporting Education Project Benchmark Party: Guiyang Branch EDUCATIONAL ARCHITECTURE INTERACTIVE | CHILDLIKEFUN | PARADISE “As the main carrier of educational environment, school is no longer limited to teaching, but also the expression of educational language and cultural concepts.

The indoor and outdoor spaces are interconnected and can be used as a complete learning space, enabling students to keep in touch with the outdoor learning environment, and natural plants are also integrated into the campus, distributed throughout the campus, so that students can fully contact with nature and learn from it.

” 01 Design Strategy — “childhood” time flies.

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