Architectural engineering drawing code Daquan, I suggest you collect it

Source: if there is infringement on the network, please contact to delete the text as follows: after reading the drawings and Atlas for so many years, you are still unfamiliar with some uncommon drawing component codes! After so many years of civil engineering, I still have a big head for mechanical and electrical drawings.

Click the blue words above to focus on the complete specification Atlas — a wechat large-scale that provides a platform for construction engineers to learn and exchange construction technology, and 100000 engineers subscribe to it.

In fact, the difficulty of professional drawings lies in the complex code.

100000 + FREE engineering materials.

Today I present you the most complete collection of drawing codes! 👇👇👇 Click the picture below to view the details of common building components code Daquan name code plate B roof truss WJ roof panel WB bracket TJ hollow plate KB skylight frame CJ trough plate CB frame kJ folded plate ZB rigid frame GJ multi ribbed plate MB support ZJ stair slab TB column Z cover plate or ditch cover plate GB frame column KZ rain board or cornice plate Yb structural column GZ crane safety walkway plate DB concealed column AZ wall plate QB bearing platform CT gutter plate TGB foundation J beam L equipment Foundation SJ roof beam WL pile zh crane beam DL retaining wall DQ monorail crane beam DDL trench DG track connection DGL column support ZC car stop CD vertical support CC ring beam QL horizontal support SC lintel GL ladder t tie beam ll awning YP foundation beam JL balcony YT stair beam TL beam pad LD frame beam KL embedded parts M-FRAME support beam KZL skylight end wall TD roof frame beam WKl reinforcement mesh w purlin LT reinforcement skeleton g discipline drawing code Daquan code indicates SC Steel pipe pcpvc polyethylene flame retardant plastic pipe CT bridge WC concealed laying along the wall WS exposed laying along the wall CC concealed laying along the top plate f concealed laying in the floor CE exposed laying YJV cable SYV TV line PE grounding (both yellow and green) pen neutral (blue) 3 line (live line) item a (yellow) item B (green) item C (red) kV (voltage) KV bv bulk line MEB total equipotential LEB local equipotential line laying mode code PVC laying with flame retardant plastic pipe DGL laying with electrical steel pipe VXG laying with plastic trunking GXG laying with metal trunking KRG laying with flexible plastic pipe line exposed laying position code LM laying along roof truss or lower chord of roof truss ZM laying along column QM laying along wall PL laying along ceiling line concealed laying position code La concealed in beam Za concealed Set in the column QA concealed in the wall PA concealed in the roof or ceiling Da concealed in the ground or floor PNA concealed in the inaccessible ceiling lighting fixture installation mode code D ceiling type L chain hanging type G pipe hanging type B wall mounted type R embedded br marking method of power distribution line installed in the wall a – B (c) × d) E – FA represents the circuit number, B represents the conductor model, C represents the number of conductors, D represents the conductor section, e represents the laying method and pipe diameter, f represents the laying position, 2 represents 3 conductors, n represents the marking method of lighting lamps, a represents the number of lamps, B represents the model or number, C represents the number of bulbs of each lighting lamp, D represents the bulb capacity, we represents the bulb installation height, MF represents the installation method, l represents the type of light source, Ziliaotuijian1, civil engineering technology exchange group (no advertising)! 2.

Click the blue word “complete standard atlas” under the title to pay attention, and we will provide you with valuable engineering reading.

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