Architectural and structural integration design approach!!

▲   Partial glass skylights on the top of buildings and water surfaces, with various forms and functions of daylighting ▲   The sunken courtyard design establishes a three-dimensional space order through the multidimensional perspectives of up and down, level, depth, turning point and time, and integrates modern life into a pure picture through the shaping of space “random energy, fun, behavior and emotion”; It is also expected to bring demonstrative vitality to the region through its free and powerful form.

According to the principle of “upper venting and lower function”, different use spaces are planned: visually transparent halls and corridors, entrance squares, courtyards and other landscape spaces are set on the ground to provide neighborhood communication, rest, art exhibition and communication and transportation functions; The underground conforms to the regional climate characteristics, and links the underground rich activity space, including swimming, fitness, entertainment, children’s activities, catering, etc., by setting outdoor and semi outdoor sunken courtyards and indoor atriums with different elevations and scales, so as to form a three-dimensional and multi-functional community place.

▲   Elegant body conclusion   Summary design attempts to further consider and explore the needs of the project in terms of locality, full utilization of residential supporting place resources, spatial personality and human experience, and conceive the effective combination of this kind of community spatial form and environment under limited conditions.

9, Beijing road is relatively special and located in an irregular shape: three sides are surrounded by high-rise buildings, and the road on the remaining side is inclined.

How to create a public space that allows people to live in a busy urban life and feel the return of body and mind to nature has become the topic of this discussion.

The pipelines and lamps are embedded, which are formed with the structure at one time.

▲   Hand drawn architectural concept map the site of art and life Museum at No.

Combined with the pleasant climate of Kunming in four seasons, the open holes and openable skylights on the roof can make the indoor air flow naturally, and introduce light into it.

Users can feel the power of nature and generate memories of local culture while walking through.

This is the main inspiration for the architectural form.

▲   First floor plan ▲   Ground floor plan ▲   Axonometric analysis diagram ▲   Display and leisure space on the first floor   Speaking of Kunming, people always think of Dianchi Lake naturally.

▲   Site diagram ▲   The main entrance of the building is divided into two parts: above ground and underground.

Erection Anchor

▲   Airflow analysis diagram ▲   Outdoor corridors and holes   As the main part of the upper part of the building, it adopts simple white concrete, uses its plasticity, follows the natural shape, and highlights its growing strength and vitality on the ground.

The art life Museum at No.

▲   Relationship between buildings and trees from different perspectives in order to make the building lighter and more unified inside and outside, we consider architecture, landscape and interior design as a whole, and use the method of integration of architecture and structure: the vertical wall column “disappears” into a series of composite solid components with spatial characteristics, The shape of roof and floor slab is combined with the stress arch of the structure, and the variable cross-section double-layer hollow rib plate is filled with thermal insulation materials.

The shadows of trees are cast on the indoor and outdoor building surfaces and flow slowly with time.

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▲ the building rises from the water and reflects the sky and the environment (Note: the material in this article comes from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author.

9 Beijing Road”.

As a four seasons spring city, Kunming has been a famous cultural city full of vitality and imagination since ancient times.

▲   The interior and exterior of the building are integrated.

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9, Beijing road is another reflection on local culture.

▲   The main hall exhibition and leisure space project is located in jindaoying Beijing Road, the old urban area of Kunming, Yunnan, covering an area of 4150m ², Building area: 35m ², It is the main supporting public building in the residential area of “No.

As the central axis of Kunming, Beijing Road attaches equal importance to its history and commercial value.

▲   A bird’s-eye view of the southwest corner shows that “flowers are not old in four seasons, and one river and Spring Moon are Kunming”.

Therefore, at the beginning of the design, we considered using the “curve” to better integrate the building into the surrounding environment, float the volume on the site as lightly as possible, and alleviate the relatively compact space rhythm around.

There will be deconstruction and disassembly of the picture of spring city to respond to some links in people’s mind about its impression: Dianchi Lake, mountains and rivers, trees, waterfalls, karst caves, light…

The light, dynamic and natural curved shape is like the continuous waves fixed on the site, and the trees are from the “water” Out of the.

While introducing light, it reflects the natural and soft shape of feathers in the water.

From a distance, the trees seem to burst out from the lake and stand on the wave, full of vitality.

This not only reduces the visual obstacles brought by conventional structural beams and columns, but also reflects the effect of large-span space permeability and internal and external integration.

Through the construction of continuous spatial sequence and functional composition, flexible and variable use methods and rich spatial feelings, it can provide more possibilities for future life and constantly generate new chapters in the city.

In the meantime, large transparent streamline glass and skylight are set to connect the indoor and outdoor sky and the ground and underground, forming rich light and shadow effects: the ground and pool on the upper layer are made of dark marble, which is integrated indoors and outdoors, creating a sense of extension of water surface and space, and running through the shape of water flow in Dianchi Lake; The pool is also provided with holes to become a natural skylight for the swimming pool space on the second floor.

When the tide rises, the lake water overflows over the wetland.

address: No.


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