Another top 500 list was released, and 36 construction enterprises were listed!

3913243277 Zhejiang Baoye Construction Group Co., Ltd.

2420148484 hengzun Group Co., Ltd.

2836490386 Xinqi Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry, real estate industry, comprehensive and construction industry continue to rank in the top four.

177 enterprises were shortlisted in the tertiary industry, an increase of 13 over the previous year, with total assets and total operating revenue accounting for 66.35% and 38.89% of the top 500 respectively.

6402683163 Tianyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd.

2868769377 Xinba Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Recruitment posts and number: 5 general managers, 10 deputy general managers, 5 chief engineers, 5 chief economists, 5 safety directors, 10 cost contract engineers, 10 safety and quality engineers and 10 technical engineers.

3779438284 Chongqing Zhongke Holding Co., Ltd.

On September 25, the 2021 summit of China’s top 500 private enterprises co sponsored by the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and the people’s Government of Hunan Province was held in Changsha.

18 benchmark enterprises of eight construction central enterprises shook out the profit ranking of 54 secondary enterprises of China railway.

4041564265 Shanhe Holding Group Co., Ltd.

5014875199 Jiangsu Nantong Liujian Construction Group Co., Ltd.

The top ten industries of the top 500 private enterprises include 315 enterprises, a decrease of 5 over the previous year.

4535824251 Shandong Keda Group Co., Ltd.

There are 319 enterprises shortlisted in the secondary industry, including 277 manufacturing enterprises, which continue to maintain the leading position.

1677716054 Zhongtian Holding Group Co., Ltd.

6663210142 Jiangsu Suzhong Construction Group Co., Ltd.

5779130193 Longxin construction Group Co., Ltd.

3674382329 Suzhou Jintang Lang enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.

4686350220 Zhejiang Zhongcheng Holding Group Co., Ltd.

2398960488 xinxingyu Construction Group Co., Ltd.

2983217376 Jiangsu Jiangzhong Group Co., Ltd.

2424088477 Zhejiang Guotai Construction Group Co., Ltd.

CSCEC chairman served as the acting governor of Shandong.

6831071132 Qingjian Group Co., Ltd.

The net sales interest rate, net asset interest rate and return on net assets of the top 500 private enterprises increased by 0.99, 0.45 and 1.71 percentage points respectively over the previous year (end), the growth rate of per capita operating income and per capita net profit increased by 2.31 and 23.60 percentage points respectively over the previous year, and the total asset turnover rate decreased by 7.47 percentage points over the end of the previous year.

3067738351 Jiangsu Jiangdu Construction Group Co., Ltd.

2391744489 Nantong five Construction Holding Group Co., Ltd.

2864254381 Wanyang Group Co., Ltd.

2810571404 Zhongyi Feng Construction Group Co., Ltd.

2500848476 Guangdong liantai Group Co., Ltd.

The net profit after tax was 1.97 trillion yuan, an increase of 41.40%.

3046192362 Tengda Construction Group Co., Ltd.

2525758453 Zhongru Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

2350179 congratulations to the listed units! Is your unit in the top 500? More highlights Click to view another construction central enterprise international group established China Railway Construction won the bid of 63.3 billion large projects.

The entry threshold for the top 500 private enterprises reached 23.501 billion yuan, an increase of 3.297 billion yuan over the previous year.

☟☟☟ 2021 list of top 500 Chinese private enterprises ranking of enterprises in the construction field enterprise name revenue (10000 yuan) 36 Nantong Third Construction Holding Co., Ltd.

2388543499 Guangdong Dianbai Construction Group Co., Ltd.

2990342363 Hongxiang Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Social recruitment of China Communications Construction Division, 60 posts waiting for you! China Communications Construction rail transit division (rail transit branch and China Railway General Institute) is now publicly recruiting project managers directly under the whole society.

3192217348 yaxia Holding Co., Ltd.

7820558129 Guangsha Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Prop Sleeve

8602674113 Nantong Fourth Construction Group Co., Ltd.

272099406 Xinshi Construction Group Co., Ltd.

China Railway won the bid of 64.1 billion large projects.

1206531196 Jiangsu Nantong Second Construction Group Co., Ltd.

2400891486 Nantong Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

4918672212 TongZhou Construction Group Co., Ltd.

The total assets were 50.73 trillion yuan, an increase of 37.25%.

The total operating revenue of the top 500 private enterprises was 35.12 trillion yuan, an increase of 16.39%.

This year is the 23rd consecutive survey of large-scale private enterprises organized and carried out by the all China Federation of industry and commerce.

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271564446 Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Group Co., Ltd.


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