Announcement of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development on withdrawing the grade III qualification for general

   Focusing on the core business content of bonahai enterprises, the university has set up network courses for constructors, cost engineers, fire protection, safety, supervision engineers, road and Water Transportation inspectors, BIM engineers, real estate agents and fire facility operators all year round.

18, Tianxiu Road, Beichen District, Tianjin..

03   Tianjin Hongsen Construction Engineering Consulting Service Co., Ltd.

According to Articles 28 and 30 of the provisions on the administration of construction enterprise qualification (Order No.

22 of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development), our commission will withdraw and cancel your level III qualification for general contracting of construction projects according to law, and now announce to the public that the qualification certificate is invalid.

On November 19, 2021, our committee issued the announcement of the municipal housing and Urban Rural Development Commission on withdrawing the grade III qualification for construction general contracting of Tianjin Junhao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

15222066407 group company address: building 805, building 8, Rongjin Fortune Center, 8-805, Rongjin Fortune Center, Shuanggang Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin address: CSCEC (Tianjin) Engineering Testing Technology Co., Ltd., No.

Since its establishment, the company has always aimed to build an excellent brand in the construction engineering consulting service industry; Building a blockchain and leading the development benchmark of the industry as the company’s common vision, with the enterprise spirit of justice, dedication, pragmatism and enterprising, it provides a platform for employees to achieve their careers, provides value-added services for customers, and escorts the standardized development of the construction industry.

Build a perfect online tutoring and training with professional teachers, combine with online courses such as basic intensive lectures, special sprint exercise analysis and intensive training before the examination, and collect the real problems and key and difficult problems over the years, so as to enable students to grasp the difficulties and obtain higher scores in the shortest time.

02   CSCEC (Tianjin) Engineering Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

is an enterprise composed of construction qualification industry experts and senior human resources personnel, which provides qualification consulting and handling for construction enterprises as the core business.

Introduction of the group company on December 3, 2021      Tianjin bonahai Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

With the vigorous development of Tianjin bonahai enterprises, Tianjin shengqiwen vocational skills training school has opened up a new business scope in the field of education on the basis of this background and the company’s professional talents.

Sheng Qiwen vocational skills training school understands the details of the examination, selects the class type according to personal conditions, and customizes the study plan for preparing for the examination, so as to challenge the high salary in the shortest learning time! ↓↓↓ three times in a row, good mood every day! If you need any services such as qualification and new addition, new office and extension, and all kinds of minority qualifications, please welcome the public background, private letter [qualification + regional + contact], or call the official account.

Please return your construction enterprise qualification certificate (including original and copy) to the qualification licensing authority within 10 working days from the date of announcement.

79, Hongxing Road, Hedong District, Tianjin.

“being honest and doing things with heart” has always been the motto of the corporate culture of Hongsen construction engineering consulting system service platform, “adhering to a professional and efficient team and serving customers wholeheartedly” is the company’s business philosophy.

adheres to the development concept of “adhering to a professional and efficient team and serving customers wholeheartedly”, adheres to the business concept of “science, standardization, preciseness and efficiency” and the employment concept of “both morality and ability and morality first”.

We can select professional titles and improve educational qualifications if you need.

Flat End Socket

was established in 2021.

Common business scope: engineering management services, environmental protection consulting services, construction engineering bidding agency services, government procurement bidding agency services, enterprise procurement bidding agency services, project planning and public services, general mechanical equipment installation services, residential hydropower installation and maintenance services, water conservancy related consulting services, etc.

Since its establishment six years ago, the company has provided construction qualification consulting services to thousands of construction enterprises.

Address: window 58, Hall B, Tianjin government affairs service center, No.

and mailed it to you.

In order to meet the various needs of construction enterprises, with the service concept of “what enterprises need is what we want to do”, bonahai has added new and changed business license, handling of safety license, labor dispatch, lightning protection, human resources certificate, CS grade certificate, geological disaster qualification certificate, engineering supervision Consulting and handling services for ready mixed concrete, surveying and mapping qualification, pressure pipeline, construction labor, engineering survey qualification, hazardous chemicals business license, non coal mine safety license, three undertaking, three system certification, AAA credit certification, electrician, welder, eight staff and other certificates.

After nearly several years of continuous efforts, it has won wide praise in the market.

At the end of the rectification period, your unit has not yet met the requirements of the qualification standards for construction enterprises.

Ultimately create value for the majority of users and obtain maximum satisfaction; Therefore, the company especially hopes that excellent talents like you will join in, share weal and woe with the company, and jointly create a better tomorrow for Hongsen construction engineering consulting system service platform.

Business scope: construction project quality inspection, water conservancy project quality inspection, indoor environment inspection, energy-saving inspection, inspection and testing services, main body inspection, energy-saving inspection, engineering material inspection, highway and water transportation engineering test and testing services, safety production inspection and testing, special equipment inspection and testing, project quality appraisal, etc.

Tianjin Junhao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.: on September 6, 2021, our committee issued the notice on ordering Tianjin Junhao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

CSCEC (Tianjin) Construction Engineering Consulting Service Co., Ltd.

and other 10 construction enterprises to complete the rectification within a time limit, ordering your unit to complete the rectification within 2 months.


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