An illegal building was demolished according to law

Next, after getting through, we will continue to strengthen supervision and monitoring to prevent similar problems from happening again Source: Shanwei radio and television station..

It is understood that after investigation, the urban Urban Management Bureau found that the fire passage behind the community was enclosed without authorization and used as the parking lot of the community, which seriously affected the travel of the surrounding citizens and had serious potential fire safety hazards.

Chen Jiming, leader of the mobile brigade of the Urban Management Bureau of the urban area: under the unified deployment of the district Party committee and the district government, we organized nearly 100 law enforcement officers to dismantle the fences without construction application procedures according to law and regulations, so as to open up fire access for the residents nearby and eliminate potential safety hazards.

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On the morning of the 25th, the Urban Management Bureau of the urban area, together with Xiangzhou street and other relevant departments, demolished an illegal building in Rongtai community in the urban area according to law.

The District Urban Management Bureau forcibly demolished it according to law.


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