Add more landmarks to Xingtai! The location is

Xingtai will add landmark buildings! The latest project progress of Xingtai gymnasium reconstruction project, namely “Xingtai Sports Center”, has been exposed! The existing gymnasium in Xingtai was completed in November 1991.

17 middle school are retained.

The above is the details of Xingtai sports center and the latest project progress.

It can be seen that the new sports center contains more forms of sports and meets the leisure sports needs of multi-age groups as much as possible.

The aerial photography of Xingtai real estate network recorded the progress of the project in early October: in May 2019, Chenguang decoration city was demolished and the plot was used for the construction of Xingtai Sports Center project.

Source: charming Niucheng and the most beautiful Xingtai————.

The existing office building of the Sports Bureau, the old gymnasium and the teaching building of Xingtai No.

The project covers a total area of 80678.6 square meters and a total construction area of 45745.4 square meters.

This 30-year-old gymnasium has also ushered in the transformation in the rapid changes of Xingtai, that is, the investment and construction of “Xingtai Sports Center Project”.

Lifting Eye Anchor

After it was put into use, it has met the sports and fitness needs of generations of citizens.

Xiaobian went to take pictures on the afternoon of October 2 and saw that there was no rest and shutdown during the National Day holiday, and the whole project is still under construction in an orderly manner.

It is expected that Xingtai will add more landmark buildings.

(the picture comes from the Internet) in March 2021, the government announced the renderings of Xingtai Sports Center on its official website: it is understood that the sports center project is located in the southeast of the intersection of Zhongxing West Street and Gangtie road.

A new comprehensive sports fitness center with a construction area of 35345.4 square meters (including ice, swimming, shooting and other training venues); Build a social parking lot on the negative 1 floor, with a construction area of 10400 square meters; Outdoor playground (including basketball court, tennis court, fitness trail, etc.), children’s playground, track and field field (400m standard runway, football field, etc.), pavement hardening, greening works, etc.

It is expected that the project will be completed and put into use as soon as possible.


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