A new primary school will be built here, with a total construction area of more than 17000 M2! The project is being publicized →

The project design scheme is being publicized.

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Let’s have a look with Xiao BU for more details ↓ overview of the planned primary school project ■   Name of construction unit: Shanghai International Medical Park Group Co., Ltd.

1158, Zhangdong Road, Pudong New Area, zip code: 2012033, email: zjqh@pudonq.qov.cn And indicate “publicity opinions on the project scheme” on the cover of the letter or the name of the e-mail.

■   Name of construction project: publicity map of new supporting primary school project in plot 45-14 of Shanghai International Medical Park △ Click to view the large high-definition picture ■   The project is located in plot 45-14 of Shanghai International Medical Park:   ▷ east to Shenjiang Road   ▷ south to Guihua Danshen Road   ▷ West to plot 45-13 and plot 45-12   ▷ north to plot 45-12 ☆ nature of planned land: land for primary school ☆   Nature of construction project: number of primary school plot, land use nature, plot ratio, green space ratio 45-14rs40.6335%, main economic and technical indicators, construction land area: 23205 square meters, total construction area: 17700 square meters, of which, Aboveground building area: 14650 square meters, underground building area: 3050 square meters, building height: ≤ 20 meters, number of building floors: ≤ 4 floors, publicity details publicity period: from August 30, 2021 to September 8, 2021, the second publicity adopts online and on-site synchronization.

On site publicity address: enclosure near the project plot publicity website: http://www.pudong.gov.cn/shpd/ Written letter is adopted for this publicity (or email) Way to listen to public feedback mailing address: Building 3, No.

It can also be reflected in the relevant towns and streets where the project is located.

hot wire! A supporting primary school with a total construction area of more than 17000 square meters will be built in plot 45-14 of Shanghai International Medical Park.

The deadline for feedback is September 16, 2021, subject to the postmark Editor: Li Zhihao*.


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