Autumn walk Guide! The poetry of these old buildings in Hongkou is waiting for you to taste

The viewing platform with an area of 460 square meters is especially good.

The facade along the river forms a virtual real contrast with the wall with small windows through the inner balcony, which was called “the first apartment in the Far East” in that year.

As the last stop of the stroll, it has a unique flavor and artistic conception, which draws a long end to the stroll.

While it’s still early and the beauty hasn’t fallen, you might as well start in a good mood and follow Xiaohong’s footsteps to meet the incomparable autumn in Hongkou section of Suzhou River ~ reporter: Zhuo Qing part of Photography: Yang birong editor: where does Xin Yunqing recommend reading the “discharge” of medical wastes   ▏ just one button    ▏ Hongkou students return to campus..

The shadows of clouds, trees and water overlapped around the footpath.

The garden is full of fun, as if time and space intersect, and the colorful forest, grass and flower slope are filled with a happy atmosphere.

It can make the most representative Wai Bai Du bridge and Lujiazui “four piece” perfectly identical, and there are lights at night.

The first stop: entering the intersection of dream and reality, Shanghai Building & Blue Dream Garden is the starting section of the public space connection and upgrading project on both sides of Suzhou River.

The design goal is to become a space for citizens and tourists to rest and stay.

The wind blows and the shadow shakes.

On both sides of the long trail, flowers are scattered and bloom in turns.

Here, “culture” and “forest” and “garden” are integrated into the story.

Along the waterfront, four dreamlike gardens gently opened the door of the “most beautiful riverside reception hall” to us.

The quiet and beautiful artistic conception and the integration of art and ecology really make people stop and stare.

The atmosphere of the hotel and the external space seem to fit the time song.

Sipping tea and waiting while enjoying the leisure time in the afternoon, taking flowers as the medium, go to a garden party.

The building takes citizens and tourists back to the old Suzhou River through artistic expression to feel the wonderful Shanghai style.

Both sides are the main facade, with simplified Corinthian colossal columns running through three floors.

It’s a beautiful season with clear sky.

The riverside building shows Shanghai’s urban mind.

Old buildings in Shanghai that can be read: the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce Building Hotel is located in the suhewan area.

In the early stage of the completion of the riverside building, there were a large number of institutions.

On the streamlined riverside bench, a sculpture with both interest and history and culture came into Xiaohong’s eyes.

The riverside coastline of North Suzhou road is divided into four characteristic sections – blue dream garden section of Shanghai building, time garden section of Polaroid Hotel, Messenger garden section of Postal Museum and star garden section of riverside building.

Today’s Shanghai building integrates profound historical heritage with international hotel services, and has become a five-star luxury hotel famous at home and abroad.

20, North Suzhou Road: go to a time appointment in Shanghai style.

Along the way, these scenes not only convey the warmth and emotion of Shanghai, but also witness the development and change of the block, which is relaxing and pleasant.

The landmark urban waterfront space of “the most memory of Shanghai” – the riverside space of North Suzhou road not only releases 913 square meters of green space as a public open space for citizens to relax, but also has many old buildings full of historical memory “readable”.

The United Nations Relief Administration and the first reception station for Jewish refugees in Shanghai are also located here.

The third stop: pursuing the imprint of postal culture, Postal Museum & messenger garden, Messenger brother, postal bicycle, goose chair…

Baolijia Hotel & time garden Baolijia hotel area has a broad landscape vision.

Suzhou River is not only a scenic spot, but also a documentary recording Shanghai’s history and culture.

I saw the girl of “sketching from life” with exquisite details and silently telling the history and story of Shanghai.

The star garden, located in the riverside building, is inspired by Van Gogh’s star and the life of the riverside building.

It is composed of the repaired Shanghai excellent historical protection building – Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce building and Bulgari building.

Walking among them, the breeze was gentle and refreshing.

Let’s walk along the Suzhou river bank with Xiaohong.

The autumn color that can be traced and remembered gradually rose in my heart.

Pile Cage Spacer

Several major Hollywood film companies such as Columbia and MGM and the American Film Association set up their offices here.

Recently, with the opening of Suzhou River footpath, the landscape quality along both banks of Suzhou River has been significantly improved.

The beauty of early autumn lies not only in the scenery, but also in the appreciation of culture.

On both sides of the bell tower, there are a group of three person group sculptures, which are representative works of European eclectic architectural forms.

The coolness of early autumn quenched the anxiety of summer.

Old buildings that can be read: Shanghai Post Museum Shanghai general post office building is designed by British architect Si Jiusheng and constructed by Yu Hongji construction factory of Huashang, covering an area of 6500 square meters.

When you come here, you can not only enjoy the autumn scenery, but also trace the origin and development of the post through the full and accurate historical materials and objects of the post Museum and modern scientific and technological means.

It not only preserves the appearance in the memory of the older generation of Shanghainese, but also is writing a new brilliance.

Readable old buildings in Shanghai: riverside building, riverside building faces south, modernist style.

On the 18th floor viewing platform, you can have a panoramic view of the Customs on both sides of the Pujiang River.

It is gentle and beautiful in the sun.

Old buildings in Shanghai: Shanghai building, formerly known as Broadway building, is an early representative of the modernist style of high-rise buildings in Shanghai.

The small garden is shaped like a butterfly, and the wind curtain flower art is a screen.

The Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce, known as “the first chamber of Commerce in China”, was established in the first month of 1902.

Walking in it, you can feel the wonderful scenery of “seeing deer in the secluded forest and shadow in the light”.

At the top of the corner is the bell tower, crowned with the Italian Baroque dome popular in the 17th century.

Last stop: Riverside Source viewing platform Riverside Source viewing platform is also the “most Shanghai viewing platform”.

Address: the fourth stop, No.

395, Tiantong Road: after savoring the warmth and emotion of the city bit by bit, you might as well feel the power of imagination after the cultural edification of Riverside Building & star garden.

Address: the second stop, No.


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