A letter to all student cadres of the College of Architectural Engineering

We should innovate in our work, keep pace with the times, clarify right and wrong, stress principles, have a bottom line, establish an iron faced and selfless spirit, and strive to create a clean, positive and promising team of student cadres.

3、 Establish a sense of service and never forget the original intention of service    Student cadres should be keen to serve the majority of students, come from students to students, strive to be student friends, not “student officials”; We should carefully listen to the demands of the majority of students, actively unblock campus communication channels, and sincerely help students solve difficulties; Remember to focus on, care for and serve students, focus on the actual needs of students, act as a bridge and link between the college and students, report to the college in time, and promote the all-round development of college students.

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Strengthen the ideal and belief of building a beautiful campus and jointly build an excellent team of student cadres.

As student leaders, they should constantly improve their self thinking, continuously strengthen their own construction, actively learn and understand general secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on youth work, consciously set up and practice the socialist core values, and give full play to the exemplary leading role of student cadres.

4、 Work down-to-earth and create an equal atmosphere    Student cadres should take the satisfaction of the majority of students as their work goal, oppose floating style and formalism; Learn to respect, adjust posture, take root in students, be diligent in communication, be realistic and pragmatic, and refrain from imitating administrative working methods; Help each other and treat each other equally with the students, do not pursue titles, do not pretend, be strict with yourself and be lenient to others.

Bear in mind that the essence of student organization work is mass work, resolutely oppose the “official” standard thought and style, overcome the refined self-interest thought, and resolutely resist the erosion of social bad habits.

Student cadres should adhere to the correct political position, strengthen the ideological training of student cadres, improve their ideological height, and establish correct socialist core values.

Student cadres should establish professional ambition, cultivate professional interest and take the lead in diligent study; Clear learning objectives, correct learning attitude, formulate reasonable learning plan and cultivate self-study ability; We should cultivate the scientific spirit, have the courage to explore and practice, achieve success in learning and specialize in technology.

School season    To all student cadres of the College of Architectural Engineering: in order to improve the style of student cadres of the College of architectural engineering, improve the ideological quality, political theory quality and comprehensive quality of student cadres, strengthen the construction of student cadre team, enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of student cadre team, and build a student cadre team with efficient working ability, clean style and recognized by students to serve the school The construction and development of the college contribute youth wisdom and strength.

Student cadres need to always remember that students’ bounden duty is to learn.

This opportunity can’t be missed and it won’t come again.

The college age is the best learning period in one’s life.

5、 Firm ideals and beliefs and remember the original mission    Student cadres are a special group.

Constantly improve the credibility and appeal of student cadres among students.

The following suggestions are hereby issued to all student cadres of the College of Construction Engineering: first, adhere to the original intention and put an end to bad work style     All student cadres should keep in mind the purpose of serving the students and always think about the interests of the students.

We expect the majority of student cadres to actively respond to and participate in this initiative, and take immediate action, starting from now, starting from themselves, starting from details, starting from everything around us, and demonstrating their positive youth fighting spirit as young people in the new era with a realistic, pragmatic, active and responsible way of work.

At the same time, all student cadres should seriously abide by the rules and regulations of the school and college, establish the awareness of fair handling, resolutely put an end to bureaucracy, formalism, empiricism and other bad styles, and earnestly serve the students wholeheartedly.

Strengthen the self-management and self-education of student cadres, and establish a good image of student cadres who are positive and have a good style of work.

2、 Improve their own quality and play a benchmarking role    All student cadres should constantly improve their own quality and give full play to the benchmarking role of student cadres.

Let responsibility, dedication and self-discipline stay in the heart, highlight the vibrant and positive youth background of the College of architectural engineering, work together to forge an excellent student cadre team of the College of architectural engineering and create a better tomorrow of the College of architectural engineering!         Planning: Student Branch of College of Architectural Engineering        Text: General Affairs Department        Typesetting: Publicity Department    Liu Jianping        Editor in charge: Zhou Yijie    Zhang Huili..

Be realistic and pragmatic, actively responsible, youth is at the right time, and the struggle is endless.

Actively play the role of example, demonstration and guidance, establish a good image of student cadres and spread positive energy.

It is a key period for systematic and professional learning and training of scientific knowledge.

As student cadres, we should deal with the relationship between work and study and become an example for students.


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