A construction worker’s emotional autobiography: the sexual blessing experience of first contact with women’s love on the construction site

I decided to bury this love deeply in my heart.

Her husband worked abroad and fell in love with other women.

Although I chose to be a migrant worker, I also have my dream.

When I met her, I knew she was married and her husband was away all year round.

Lanlan quietly told me that her husband had broken up with Xiaosan and was not going to leave again.

With that, the two of us cried and hugged together.

I want to work to make money by myself, learn computer maintenance technology, and then open a shop in our local area.

It can be seen that she is lonely and has been alone for a long time.

If you don’t want to, think nothing has happened.

Under the influence of alcohol and lust, I could no longer control the agitation of adolescence.

I was entangled for a long time by this love that ended before it began.

Lanlan said, if you don’t dislike him, I’d like to be your fiancee after divorce.

As he spoke, he shed sad tears.

When I first met a woman, I was very excited.

Only I go back to Lanlan every day to talk about love and spend a good night together.

Once, brother Qiang pointed at me and joked to Lan Lan that this young man is very handsome.

The next morning, looking at the blue around me, I panicked.

I became a cement worker.

However, in a short month, when I returned to the construction site and walked into the blue supermarket again, everything changed.

Everyone ran to a small supermarket nearby to watch TV.

I was hugged by her when I helped her wipe her tears.

I was born in the countryside.

Immediately say to her, I don’t care about your past, I’ll wait for you, wait for you to deal with things and be my bride.

One night, Lanlan told me that she was married.

Later, Lanlan bought a computer and asked me to teach her to play online games after work in the evening.

Let that unbearable memory disappear with the passage of time.

We were greedy for every crazy and beautiful night together.

Excited, after this year, Lanlan divorced her husband and became my girlfriend.

Buy me new clothes and make delicious food.

I don’t know what to do.

I’m busy all day and tired all over.

Since then, my relationship with LAN LAN has become an open secret of our construction team.

Lanlan is the hostess of the supermarket.

Of course, I promise that she will be responsible for her and won’t care about her past.

I’m glad to see her so happy.

Under the dim yellow light, blue eyes blurred and kissed me madly.

Because I often go shopping, watch TV and chat with my co-workers in the supermarket, gradually, I get familiar with LAN LAN.

After I heard it, an inexplicable feeling and happiness poured into my heart.

I am the youngest.

Drifting around makes me eager to have a home.

The others are middle-aged men.

By the end of the year, my mood was more complex, full of excitement and sadness.

Spherical Head Anchor

Unbuttoned my coat.

The co-workers all joked that she, a rural left behind woman, must have taken a fancy to me.

I should find a woman who really suits me.

Sadly, it’s about to say goodbye to blue.

It’s like a dream, waking up with nothing.

In order to get rid of my inner entanglement, I completely left that place.

Anyway, everything doesn’t matter.

She said she felt bad and asked me to drink with her.

She loved me, but our age gap is too big.

But in order to dream, I quickly adapted.

Besides, now she is pregnant and her husband’s child.

She is particularly charming when she smiles.

Every second of separation is suffering.

Lanlan said humorously, OK, I can’t wait.

I took her to bed and lingered all night.

Before that, I was a pure young man and never fell in love, but I really moved when I saw blue.

But I know it’s absolutely impossible for me and her.

One day, it rained heavily and stopped working for several days.

He came back only once a year and was about to divorce at the end of this year.

At the age of 19, I dropped out of school because of the failure of the college entrance examination and went to the northeast to work with the construction team in the village.

Dropping out of school makes my parents very sad.

The workmates no longer go to the supermarket and play some no three no four jokes with blue.

When it comes to emotion, tears flow down my face again.

I’m still young and I have to find my own happiness…

She just took me as a partner to dispel loneliness or a means to revenge her husband.

Every time I hear them say that, my heart can’t be calmed.

Let’s be your little lover.

I am a construction worker.

It’s very hard.

At the age of 30, she looks like a pure girl, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, white and tender skin, and two small dimples on her face.

There are more than twenty of us.

For a long time, blue and I talked about everything and had a different feeling.

I’m sure I’ve fallen in love with this lonely woman.

The workmates often make some ambiguous jokes with her, and she doesn’t mind.

I haven’t spoken since.

I even doubt whether Lanlan really loved me or I was too naive.

At that moment, my face turned red to the root of my neck.

Therefore, I have sex with her.

Only blame yourself for falling in love with someone you shouldn’t love.

This is a profession that makes money by hard work and sweat.

She looks very beautiful.

Lanlan loves me very much.

For warm lovers, it’s like three autumn after a day’s absence.

She is happily snuggling up in her husband’s arms and eating melon seeds.

We chatted and drank until late at night.

Slowly, Lanlan and I fell into the vortex of lust and couldn’t stop.

She is also particularly eager for men’s comfort.

I hope I forget all that.

                                                                                                   The construction site is in the suburbs.

Lanlan and I were drunk.


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