Weekly statement – water supply and drainage in Construction Engineering

It shall be signed after meeting the requirements of design and construction quality acceptance specifications.

This problem will inevitably damage the interests of users.

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As an important part of building installation engineering, building water supply and drainage engineering has an important impact on the construction quality of buildings.

  03 leakage problem.

Due to some unforeseen factors in the production process, the product quality of different production batches will be different from the same manufacturer, the same raw material, the same formula and process.

There will be many problems during construction, which affects the construction quality of the whole water supply and drainage and brings economic losses to the construction unit.

After the materials enter the site, the materials and accessories entering the site shall be witnessed, sampled and submitted for inspection according to the specified batch and frequency, and shall not be used in the project until the inspection certificate is obtained.

  1、 Construction problems of water supply and drainage pipelines in construction works 01 noise.

Improper selection of water supply pipes.

The noise generated by the drainage riser and horizontal branch pipe will destroy the quiet and warm atmosphere needed by residents’ family life.

Its adverse effects are particularly obvious during residents’ learning, creation, thinking and sleep, and the water in the upper layer also has a noise impact on the users in the lower layer.

Once problems are found, the equipment shall be replaced immediately.

  02 idling of water meter.

It not only seriously affects people’s normal life, but also increases the workload and management difficulty of the property company.

Strictly control the mobilization and inspection of materials   In order to ensure the project quality, when each batch of materials enter the site, the materialman and quality inspector of the construction unit must accept the variety, specification and appearance of the materials entering the site.

This paper discusses the problems and Countermeasures in building water supply and drainage construction.

In short, the water supply and drainage construction of construction engineering has the characteristics of systematicness and complexity.

This problem is caused by the unqualified quality of the water meter and the improper construction during the installation of the water meter.

Water meter idling refers to the phenomenon that the water meter rotates and counts when there is no water flow passing through the water meter.

The construction of water supply and drainage engineering should also keep pace with the times, actively adopt new technologies and materials, and overcome the problems existing in its original construction, so as to achieve higher construction quality and meet people’s increasing living needs.

Analyze the problems in water supply and drainage construction, take appropriate optimization countermeasures for control and prevention, ensure the quality of pipeline materials, scientifically solve the problem of pipeline blockage, reasonably control the construction progress, improve the quality of construction personnel, and ensure the completion of the whole water supply and drainage construction project.

Strengthen the prevention and treatment of insufficient water pressure and water supply   The key to solve this problem is to carefully review the construction design drawings, take the data of adjacent buildings as a reference, and strengthen the protection of pipelines.

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  2、 Construction Countermeasures for building water supply and drainage 1.

Because there are too many holes in the floor, especially in the toilet floor, it not only destroys the integrity of the floor, but also increases the difficulty of waterproof construction, and leakage is easy to occur in the process of use.

Plate Anchor

The package shall be intact, the surface shall be free of scratches and external impact damage, the appearance of the whole pipe shall be smooth, colorless and uneven, and the wall thickness and roundness of the pipe shall be checked.

Check the product certificate, quality acceptance report, use license and other quality certificates issued by the manufacturer, especially the production batch number.

Some water supply pipes still use galvanized steel pipes, which are easy to rust, short service life, and domestic water can not meet the water quality and hygiene standards.



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