99.32 million French auction on No. 30 garden above historical building

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The garden is concentrated in the south, covering an area of about 150 square meters; The main building on the east side, the kitchen, dining room, living room and toilet on the ground floor, and the stairs are located in the center of the building; Bedroom and toilet on the second floor; The third floor has bedrooms and toilets, and there are balconies on both north and south sides.

The auction also attracted 78390 onlookers…

24 is the former residence of Zhang Yuanji (publisher, educator, patriotic industrialist and chairman of the Commercial Press).

30 is 304 square meters, the construction area is 360 square meters, and the completion time is 1936.

The outer wall is beige paint, equipped with iron windows, and the bottom floor is equipped with wooden doors.

The total height is 3 floors, with four sides facing the air, and the plane is approximately rectangular.

In 1933, Zhejiang Industrial Bank acquired the sofa garden, found the British merchant Ma Haiyang bank to design it, and completed it in 1941.

16 is the former residence of Pan Xulun (accountant, famous educator and President of Lixin Accounting College), and No.

Before 1916, the upper garden was located in the private garden of the British Jewish sofa.

The height of the first floor is about 2.8m, the second floor is about 3.2m and the third floor is about 3M.

The west side is the garage, the ground floor is used as a restaurant, and the second floor is a study.

A total of 21 people participated in this auction.

There are many types and lively shapes, including independent, tandem, determinant, mostly Spanish style, as well as modern concise style.


The Spanish style single family garden residence is mainly composed of the main building with garage.

Through 719 bidding, the final quotation is 262% of the starting price and 183% of the evaluation price.

The garden above is an apartment style Garden Lane, with 5 rows of neat row houses and 74 3-storey brick and wood structure houses.

The land area of No.


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